Summer's Almost Gone

on 09.16.2014

There are only a few more days of summer left, and I'm ready for shit to cool down. I find it much more comfortable to sleep when my balls aren't dripping sweat. Granted, this has been the most enjoyable summer I've had in 10 years, but I look forward to some hot tub action on a cool autumn night. And for the waves to start picking up too. Speaking of which, it's time for me to hit the beach. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
leaves are starting to fall here and the geese are flying south as i write, a few more weeks and i’ll be following them
posted on: 09-16-14 @ 2:01 PM

At least one more orgy for me before autumn starts.
posted on: 09-16-14 @ 3:42 PM

It’s Spring time here in Australia, so My balls are coming out of hibernation. Time for some outdoor fuck’n’
posted on: 09-16-14 @ 5:10 PM

Adam, do you do anything besides go to the beach and stalk yoga pants?
posted on: 09-16-14 @ 5:12 PM

Do u glue them on or use Velcro @ouch??? LOL.... CSFL bitches
posted on: 09-16-14 @ 5:16 PM

Fall is beautyfull with all these ladies in trench-coat & fuck-me-boots..
posted on: 09-16-14 @ 7:09 PM

Does Adam live in a tent?
posted on: 09-16-14 @ 8:56 PM

fuck all you warm climate bitches. us real men of the PG that live up north (anything above kentucky) are starting to freeze are nuts off at night. the fucking leaves are dieing here in michigan the birds are all saying fuck you we are outta here! and the fucking women are covering up all the damn scenery with winter cloths. so yah fuck you fuckers in the south! we north guys gotta go into fucking hibernation for the next 6 god damn months in sub zero weather ! with no pussy to look at besides the old lady when she’s between dressing and the bed or bathtub!again i say FUCK YOU! FROM THE MEN OF THE NORTH IN THE PG!
posted on: 09-16-14 @ 9:27 PM

I'm ready to catch some fucking lobster!!
posted on: 09-16-14 @ 11:43 PM

@rockin, north dakota here...fucking snow already. Fuck you all
posted on: 09-17-14 @ 3:15 AM

North Florida 84 degree water temperature, mid to high 80s air temp, nice green grass and beach babes. FUCK YOU SNOWBIRDS!
posted on: 09-17-14 @ 8:47 AM

^^^^ blow me
posted on: 09-17-14 @ 12:21 PM

Still 105 here in Riverside,ca
posted on: 09-18-14 @ 12:12 AM