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on 09.24.2014

I'm just checking in again to see how everyone is doing with the new video streaming system. Goodster is saying that the quality is shit, but I really haven't noticed it. The old videos all work now. If you have any problems, post a comment here, and I will try to see what is going on. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
well it definately loads quick. but i agree we lost some detail to lower pixeled video. win some lose some i guess.
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 2:47 PM

Maybe just me but on mobile, I can't watch full screen anymore.
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 2:51 PM

No problems at all Jay. Thanks!
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 2:53 PM

Didn’t seem to hurt the videos on the far right.
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 2:58 PM

Kicks ass for me..
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 2:58 PM

i’m on an old version of IE and they working just fine for me load quicker and no buffering ...nice job Jay
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 3:06 PM

Mobile running android. Videos super quick. All seem to work. Full screen works for me. Top notch geeking Jay! Oh and fuck you Rockinron.
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 3:49 PM

Videos look fine to me, using firefox 32.
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 5:05 PM

Everything seems fine here.. no video quality loss or gain but the videos do load way faster.
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 5:08 PM

It does load quicker but the quality it not as sharp as before
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 5:26 PM

problems??? Well, when I shit, I bleed a lil’. And I have a slight eating disorder. And I like lesbians.
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 5:34 PM

Works perectly good. DL is pretty fast and for the quality, I’m not convinced it’s an issue for the topic of the vids..
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 6:35 PM

I blame Windows 8 for all my problems; not just the ones on my computor.
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 8:10 PM

I have a problem and I don’t think you can help me. I’m stuck on the shitter and there’s no toilet paper. Fuck....
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 9:02 PM

Videos load fast but never had a problem in the first place. As far as quality goes it’s hard to determine if the player is shit not knowing what the resolution of the recorder is at. Could be just some shitty cameras. Have you loaded anything that you know is HD? The recent videos that you posted not only look like low resolution but they also appear to have a dusty/grey hazy look as well.
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 9:40 PM

Ya my boss thinks I'm weird now because I told him I gave my girlfriends hemmroid a blowjob
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 9:52 PM

^spazy.. that’s the same as I’m getting. The pics. and pornos are fine. Even the vids. I have saved to favs folder that I know were crystal clear seem to be hazy and a white wash look to them or look pixilated. Anybody else??
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 9:52 PM

I get an X in the middle of the screen & a message: you aborted the video playback.
posted on: 09-24-14 @ 10:48 PM

Very slow for me now! Takes around twenty minutes to finish buffering each vid and they seem to blurry as well. I have no problems on any other sites. It would be nice if we could choose between the two players. BTW I use google crome on a pirated copy of windows xp.. Fucking thailand! Every thing is fake over here so I dont know if thats making a difference. Whatever, CSFL BITCHES!
posted on: 09-25-14 @ 5:47 AM

Works great on my cell. Seems like the videos and pictures load up faster. No difference in quality. Its no better or worse. Thanks \m/.
posted on: 09-25-14 @ 11:07 AM