It's Coming

on 09.28.2014

Before anyone loses their fucking mind, let me assure you that the Week in Crazyshit is on its way. I would have done it yesterday but instead I drank beer, soaked in a hot tub and had lots of sex with a woman almost a decade younger than me. So sit tight and that shit will be up before you know it. Now where is my fucking beer? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Don't apologise. You only have so many milestones to look forward to. 16 and you can drive. 18 and you can fuck. 21 and you can drink. 36 and you can legally fuck a chick half your age. The rest is gravy (if you do it wrong).
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 5:37 PM

FUCK the Chicago Bears Green Bay rape them again on their own turf FUCK the Bears GO PACK GO
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 5:41 PM

Nice to see your Legend status hasn’t gone to your head
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 5:50 PM

Lazy bitch! Puttin pussy ahead of the masses!!!! Its fuckin anarchy.... CSFL bitches
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 5:54 PM

Everyone already lost their mind- you had sex with a minor and everyone's jealous
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 6:07 PM

" soaked in a hot tub and had lots of sex with a woman almost a decade younger than me." But you’re only 22.
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 6:13 PM

Wow Adam, you're becoming a bigger arrogant prick everyday
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 6:21 PM

So Adam,,,, How much did you pay on EBay for your new 2001 blow up doll.
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 6:27 PM

Mucho taco and not enough salsa!
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 6:36 PM

Adam H.
That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, vikingshill.
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 6:50 PM

You look ready Adam. Lip your teeth because here comes my apple, bitch.
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 6:51 PM

did she have a note from her dad saying it was ok for her to do anal?
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 7:22 PM

are you talking about your bf, adam? (i am confused)
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 7:32 PM

I’m in my 50’s & have a 23y.o. lady friend, but I don’t "kiss & tell"
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 7:34 PM

So one may deduce that blind desperate whores live in Adam’s neighborhood.
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 8:06 PM

I’m glad we’re so important to you.....Dick.
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 8:38 PM

Who's the hater that doesn't like the GREEN BAY PACKERS
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 9:21 PM

I don't think getting fucked in the ass by an 18 year old retarded girl with a strap-on really counts!!
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 10:25 PM

If you had a real job that was actually worth a damn you would have been fired long ago. Your work ethic sucks Adam, and so did the tranny that blew you earlier.
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 10:30 PM

I have had an 18-year-old at 36. T'was bliss.
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 10:38 PM

^^ I disagree, I prefer a woman who KNOWS how to fuck, not a little girl that doesn't have a clue!! I guess that's what God made step-dads for!! :-) :-)
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 11:00 PM

At least she isn't my stepsister.
posted on: 09-28-14 @ 11:29 PM

@bigtex of course it counts! Best time I ever had.
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 2:25 AM

What’s wrong with fucking your stepsister? Hell, I used to fuck my Aunt! Pussy’s Pussy, RIGHT!
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 11:00 AM