Back To Putting My Nose To The Grindstone

on 09.29.2014

Well the vacation is over and here we are back to reality...while I was gone it seems we've started a war again in the Middle East. What do you guys feel about this? I know not everyone here is from America, but I know that you guys will still have an opinion. What actions should the world take on ISIS? Should they glass the entire Middle East or just stay out of it? -Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Bomb them with bacon bits!
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 1:40 PM

I’ll bet a dollar that Jeff wasn’t aware of the changes to the site and that’s why we don’t have videos yet.
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 2:03 PM

ISIS is gay that’s why they make women cover up!
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 2:07 PM

I believe censorship is almost as bad as a beheading because it doesn’t give the viewers a true perspective of how barbaric these animals are. I believe if people around the world were to see entire scope of how these animals rule with terror and teach their children to do the same the good people of the world would of been on the wagon with us long ago. I know it doesn’t sound much better but if someone is in the way well to bad for you because we aren’t stopping anytime soon. Fuck em all.
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 2:24 PM

Middle East is and has always been fucked. Constant turmoil, decade after decade. At this point just wipe it out and start over, you know, without the beheadings and incessant threats to everyone. People might help your asses if you weren't THE biggest dicks.
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 2:53 PM

I do like the pork shrapnel idea, Americans already love putting bacon on everything, why not terrorism?
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 2:56 PM

Nuke the region and let Satan sort them out.
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 3:28 PM

we should never have poked our noses in years ago but we did to protect the flow of oil to the west, now its to late we have to take action and this time its going to take years to ride the world of ISIS if its possible.
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 4:43 PM

If you leave no survivors no one can complain and you can write your own history
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 5:36 PM

@mykejp yup! kill em all...let allah sort em out. this country has the ability to destroy an entire country without having troops on the ground
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 5:59 PM

Start a company that makes ammunition!!! Definition of irony? The nations most successful black man still lives in government housing!!!
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 7:11 PM

War against a "flag". Shoot the fucker holding the flag instead. And his familly, so no one will back-up.
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 8:42 PM

Start a chain of Alan Snack bars.
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 8:48 PM

Idon’t care what happens anymore. If a man of middle eastern decent comes to my house, Imma shoot his fucking ass. That’s my answer.
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 9:26 PM

Let those donkey fuckers kill eachother off. No need to step in- Isis is doing all the work for us. Momar Quedalphie was trying to do the same thing-he wanted one religiously race only, but we supported the rebels and there were much fewer deaths. Fuck those waste of oxygen breathing rag heads and let them kill da mother off. Sit back- wait- and then step in to finish of the last of them.
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 9:55 PM

That’s right. Put our troops at the southern border.
posted on: 09-29-14 @ 10:03 PM

If the US will do something about it. They should take innocent people out and nuclear bomb the rest. But bottom line here is that all this mess been happening since the beginning of the man kind. Nothing can be change now...
posted on: 09-30-14 @ 11:26 AM

Word of the day Vitrification
posted on: 09-30-14 @ 11:48 AM