Going Under The Knife

on 10.10.2014

I may have not mentioned that I tore my rotator cuff in the blog posts. Well today is the day I get that shit fixed. They are going to go in, and put an anchor in my bone, then tie up my muscle with some fishing line, and tie it to the anchor. As an added bonus, they said they are going to shave off some bone spurs. I was hoping to opt for the bionic shoulder but insurance wonít pay for it. Dammit. Iím looking forward to some painkillers and sleep. Wish me luck! --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I have had this exact surgery. Got a case of Popeye muscle for a while, but all is good now and I can actually use my shoulder now just like it never happened. Good luck.
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 9:17 AM

Godspeed I mean good luck. Do you need a brotha to look after the site and swing the ban hammer a time or two while you are gone?
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 9:23 AM

jay your supposed ti use your wrist when you jerk off not your whole arm.
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 10:29 AM

their gonna put an anchor in your bone? damn dude whats your dick got to do with a rotary cuff injury? best get a second opinion, before you go to surgery and wake up a tranny or something.
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 11:10 AM

Good luck Jay! All will b fine...
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 11:53 AM

Already making excuses for not doing TWICS!!
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 1:21 PM

Fuck yeah you lucky bastard anesthesia, demarol, possibly morphine, and a script of tabs. Have fun not remembering most of the next month
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 1:58 PM

If you don’t make it, can you draw up a lottery to see who gets your ole lady?
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 2:05 PM

best of luck with that one Jay
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 2:18 PM

If ya cant wank for a while after the surgery give me a call. I’ll bring the wife over to do it for you. We can film it and write iluvkitty’s new name on ya schlong.
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 3:40 PM

At least we're not gonna get tricked into seeing dicks for a couple of weeks.
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 5:35 PM

Good luck Jay. Just do not take the painkillers any longer than you have too. If you get hooked unless you get them forever having them cut off and going through withdrawl will be worse than the pain ever was.
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 5:43 PM

Maybe you can get a hot nurse sponge bath.. anyway goodluck and hope you don’t end up with any fat ugly bitch of a nurse.
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 6:00 PM

Don't forget to Get an X-ray when you're done, the doctors are always leaving shit inside
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 7:16 PM

Sounds like you’re making excuses to fuck off... You have another shoulder. I don’t see the problem....
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 7:49 PM

P.s. Hope it all goes well. Get well soon fucker.
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 7:51 PM

Mass General is a great hospital.
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 7:59 PM

With Ron faking his death here I dont believe you jay. you’re probably A-ok and on your way to a glory hole at the local truck stop.
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 10:31 PM

Good luck jay!!! You know we all luv ya!!!
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 10:42 PM

Get a big recliner to sleep on for the next 3 weeks because you’re not laying down for a while. BTDT.
posted on: 10-10-14 @ 10:48 PM

i dont believe you.
posted on: 10-11-14 @ 4:25 AM

Hope you don’t end up with a Perforated Colon! Good luck!
posted on: 10-11-14 @ 8:25 AM

Label all other body parts with "shoulder operation! dont cut here!" to avoid confusions. that shit happens way more often than you think.
posted on: 10-11-14 @ 8:47 AM