Green Clean

on 10.13.2014

I've got this Mexican green cleaning spray that will clean the fuck out of anything. I'm sure they made it green to try pass it off as if it's environmentally friendly like Simple Green, but there ain't no fucking way. In fact, I'm pretty sure it gives you cancer by the third time you use it. Of course there are no active ingredients listed, but I think it might be toxic piss straight from The Hulk's massive green dong. Whatever it is, it has my kitchen sparkling like a motherfucker. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Probably the gangrenous oozing from a mexican hooker.
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 2:09 PM

You lose ALL street cred it you EVER say, "had my kitchen sparkling", and your not talking about a bitch!!
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 2:12 PM

Anything to talk about dicks with this guy....hence the reference to the hulk's massive green dong
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 2:59 PM

its liquid bat guano, i hear its good shit!
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 3:55 PM

Maybe it can help against ebola.
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 4:14 PM

Just come out of the closet already Adam Jeez We got looky loo and my kitchen sparkling and cock. @mykejp The planets answer to fixing a problem!
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 4:37 PM

whats it called?
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 5:28 PM

You should be fine Adam, but do keep the CDC number on speed dial just in case. If you suddenly feel the urge to do gardening you may still be ok, if you start landscaping call your doctor right away.. If you’re wearing really pointy boots its too late, that shit is permanent.
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 6:47 PM

On a serious note.. Fuck man I got a family member who washes her dishes with clorox bleach and doesn’t rinse well. I refuse to eat or drink anything when I’m there anymore taste of bleach is some nasty shit.... I’m not even kidding this is for real, who the fuck washes their dishes with clorox bleach?
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 6:49 PM

I caught a yellowtail today
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 6:59 PM

@ eat3beans: They prefer to be call Asian -Americans.ror
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 8:15 PM

Gargle with it in the morning to remove your boyfriends sperm from between your teeth.
posted on: 10-13-14 @ 8:37 PM

WHere the fuck is your major malfunction, Adam? Or is your mamma training you for the basement-boy lifestyle?
posted on: 10-14-14 @ 8:17 AM