What I Fun Week I Had

on 10.16.2014

Last Friday I had rotator cuff surgery, and as you can clearly see I made it through. The surgery was scheduled for 2 hours, and ended up lasting 3 and a half. The doc said it looked like it was just injury upon injury that deteriorated the muscle. I guess my high level of pain tolerance is not such a great thing after all. I spent Friday to Monday morning out of my mind on pain killers. Then Monday morning, I said enough, Iím over them and went cold turkey. That led to a day of withdrawal, and not being a hard core drug user, that shit sucked. I feel bad for people hooked on drugs, because it wasnít fun. Now Iím on Advil and I have the laptop on the counter with a toy box under it to type from the sling. All and all, Iím glad I got it done. Now I have to beat it with my left hand for a few weeks. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
good to hear you are on the mend...now post the op vidio on CS
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 1:10 PM

you could always use the hands that cop had leftover the other day off the train tracks,,,come on this is crazyshit you aint getting no sympathy here wuss
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 1:11 PM

suck it up butter cup! where’s the rest of the updates? now im getting fuckin withdrawls!
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 1:30 PM

Ouch & happyjack tried to steal your job when you were down. Adam was hoping to be king shit. I just wished you died. But since you didn't welcome back I guess.
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 1:32 PM

Congrats and welcome back Jay! I've lived 13+ years with a 70% tear in my rotator, gonna stay that way til I can't stand it anymore. I hope it has ya back to new...
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 1:52 PM

Ahh, opiates, the devil's euphoria!! "Now I have to beat it with my left hand for a few weeks." That's hilarious!! Actual real pussy isn't even a thought, huh!?
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 1:58 PM

Got any left over pain killers? I’m hurting realllllllllllll bad. Ha Ha.
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 2:38 PM

You pussy 4 days of pain meds ain't shit. I had two surgerys on a tendon repair literally two days apart and I abused two prescriptions worth of tabs for a month and I didn't become addicted.
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 3:07 PM

Welcome back. Good luck with rehab, oh and with your shoulder too.
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 3:11 PM

the problem is, you’re supposed to taper off, not just stop. I lived with an inguinal hernia for 3 decades & a herniated disk for 2 decades.
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 4:16 PM

Well,,,,,, They must have done something right. A whole paragraph and not one typo that I caught. Get ready for rehab work. That’s gonna hurt worse.
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 6:27 PM

Glad to see you made it through surgery, wife twisting your arm to do chores around the house really takes its toll on you doesn’t it.
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 7:42 PM

A few weeks hope so for your sake,it could be months..good luck..
posted on: 10-16-14 @ 8:07 PM

3 day's of pills and your going through withdrawal. Haha. Now that's some real CRAZYSHIT. I'm breaking ya balls man. Glad to hear everything went smooth man. Feel better soon.
posted on: 10-17-14 @ 7:38 AM

You think you have the dexterity to run those tweezers on your poodle dick with your left hand? Me thinks not
posted on: 10-17-14 @ 12:48 PM