The Fly

on 10.22.2014

I'm feeling pretty good right now because I just committed murder. There was this annoying ass fly buzzing around the room all morning and pissing me off. I took a few swings and missed, but he tested his luck one too many times. As he was about to buzz right by my ear again, I got a piece of him and smacked that fucker right into the wall. I watched him hit the floor and lay there all dazed and injured for a few seconds before delivering the coup de grace. Now I have peace and quiet again. I hope he burns in fly hell. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Worst adult novel prologue ever
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 2:06 PM

You got a buzz from killing a bug?... Well aren’t you just so fly?
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 2:09 PM

Sorry for double commenting today.. let the voice in my head comment too. Fucker won’t tell me where he left my meds though.
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 2:41 PM

Damn dude, you are cold hearted. What if that fly had a family of maggots to feed?
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 3:06 PM

i thought you matial arts people caught flys with chopsticks
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 3:21 PM

Mickey Mouse or Jack the giant killer did better than you, Adam. Keep trying though..
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 3:35 PM

If your boyfriend would keep your shit from dripping off his dick onto the floor, you wouldn't have flys!!
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 3:41 PM

if you can get cracker killer to stop hanging out at your house then maybe the flys would leave too!
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 3:58 PM

Use a bazooka next time
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 4:03 PM

I just got rid of bedbugs,I killed hundreds of those asshole’s,genocide feels real good.
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 4:16 PM

dammm i thought that fly was cockron and you just didn’t wanted to say his name....DAM!!!!!!
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 4:59 PM

and all the girlies say you’re pretty fly for a white guy
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 5:12 PM

I catch them alive then feed them to my lizard. Spiders too.
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 6:36 PM

Adam, KILLEM, KILL THEM ALL MOTHER FUCKIN" FLIES. I not talking about the ’fishing’ type ether.... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 7:29 PM

Poor Brendal Fly.
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 8:05 PM

I killed a fly, too, but I can’t make it sound that cool. It’s dead though. It’s not coming back. He fucked with the wrong fucker, so I fucked his fuckin ass up., That fuckin fucker. And shit.
posted on: 10-22-14 @ 10:25 PM

now your mma record is 1-199.
posted on: 10-23-14 @ 12:03 PM

Adam. Next time use wd40 and a lighter. Works every time. Just don't use the wd40 with the straw attachment. That shit has some distance.
posted on: 10-23-14 @ 7:30 PM