What Makes Them Convert?

on 10.24.2014

I was thinking about this, what does it take to make a normal person that lives in the US convert to Islam to join the Islamic extremists? My thought is this. They have grown up in US, and they are used to a certain life, but they want to get out and do more. They see the news almost glorify the fight of ISIS against governments, and it actually makes sense to them. They do a little research and they are sold. All they have to do now is get on a plane and fly to the Middle East, tie a bomb on their waist and go boom. Id like to hear your thoughts on this. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
All I have to say is "Fine" but its a one way door muther fuckers.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 1:43 PM

It's like the same thing as joining a cult. Retards, cuntcakes, twatwaffles, and fucktards feel the need to follow someone or something without consulting logic or reasoning.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 1:46 PM

Normal people? I dont think so Jay.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 2:02 PM

Go for it!! Go to every wedding you can!!!
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 2:06 PM

It boils down to the inability some have for independent thought. It's prevalent to some degree in all religious people and dominate in the fanatics. It's also a way to avoid all responsibility for your own actions what with the "gods will" excuse to fall back on.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 2:06 PM

fuck them who needs the traitors, good luck with that trip to alans snack bar with the 72 virgins you fucking traitors!!
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 2:14 PM

I've a hangover
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 2:24 PM

I hate our government just as much as the next guy. But I won't commit no treason to satisfy Allah. I'd rather die pissed off on american soil.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 2:40 PM

How can we convert lightfighter?
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 3:18 PM

its the falafels
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 4:00 PM

"Men never commit evil so fully and joyfuly as when they do it for religious convictions" -- Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 4:14 PM

when there are people in the world that say believe in my god or I will cut your head off...pimple face kids that knock on my door to spread the word of god get a pee their pants earful from me...spessily if I gots a jim77 hangover buddy boy
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 4:22 PM

I say if some asshole wants to fly to Syria and die in the desert let them go. It gets their crazy traitor ass off our soil. Just tell them it is a one way ticket, once they get there of course. Look what happened to Canada when they did not let that guy go.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 4:29 PM

Some people will do anything to fit in and be accepted somewhere by somebody. Few religions promise as much reward for doing as little work as Islam does. Religous self delusion has really convinced people theres this great big loophole ('martyrdom') where you can literally be a total piece of shit of greedy shit your whole life and in the end you get your cake and get to eat it too. Blow yourself up and/or kill people who are different and receive anything and everything you want! Seems to be a trait amongst most religous extremists/radicals, muslim or otherwise, eh? You got to have a mental disorder or some brain damage to think killing women and children will reap aany kind of reward in this life or the next.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 7:03 PM

The Gump said it best.."stupid is as stupid does". And Ron White says "you can’t fix stupid". So I say.."Fuck ’em!!"
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 7:34 PM

+ 1 for everyone.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 8:20 PM

Islami is not only religion with MF" radicalism in it. christianism and Judaism and simular Mother Fucker in them examples, the crusades and the Spainish Inquisition.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 8:28 PM

Just ask Charles Manson what it takes to convert someone.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 8:53 PM

Just like eat3beans said people will blindly follow cults. People follow the most ridiculous things. It’s not just religion people follow the dumbest things Cults, Fox News, so many others to name. Very well said trucking man.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 9:31 PM

I was trying to +1 you crazyvet. I fucked that up. The reason they convert is for a feeling of purpose. It’s all a creation of the media and our shit hole government. I don’t even watch the news anymore. It’s all bullshit. I get my news from this site. At least I know Crazyshit won’t lie to me. I’m a VIP.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 9:42 PM

We have thousands of traitors here as do most countries and the old law of execution for treason should still be upheld. 1946 was the last time a man was executed in England for treason. I fear if that law was reinstated it would deter them. There’s an old saying that goes "never bite the hand that feeds you". Traitors to the state would be wise to remember this. Sadly that won’t happen.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 10:49 PM

Sounds like something I would donate money to.
posted on: 10-24-14 @ 11:55 PM

CrazyShit is my CULT!
posted on: 10-25-14 @ 1:12 AM

@englishgent...last i heard hanging is still lawfull for treason and sabotaging a dockyard but the do gooders will makesure that don’t happen
posted on: 10-25-14 @ 7:02 AM

Let the treasonous cunts go over there and see for themselves how accepting they truly are of outsiders. I guarantee that they’ll be beheaded for their next propaganda video.
posted on: 10-25-14 @ 4:38 PM

Thank you Longhungwong.
posted on: 10-25-14 @ 7:06 PM