Are You Guys Sheep?

on 10.27.2014

With all the Ebola scare out there it's like y2k all over again. Now I ask you are you sheep and being blinded by fear, or can you see that we're going to be ok. The virus itself is hard enough to get as is, and it only really can spread in third world countries. Also the only Americans that have gotten it are doctors, nurses, and the original guy who took a trip to Africa. Now don't get me wrong it's great to be prepared, but I see people losing their shit daily over this...what do you guys think? Legitimate fear and impending doom of the world, or just the next SARS/bird flu/swine flu. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Not to worried because it seems to like black folks a whole lot better.
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 1:54 PM

Be afraid, be very afraid! Your gonna be dead in 2 weeks from Ebola! Send me $10,000 now and I'll send you a proven prevention kit. Then you can live life without the fear of Ebola. I'm not gonna get it, are you?
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 2:05 PM

At least if I die everyone else will too.
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 2:28 PM

My prevention kit is much more advanced than mrlongshot's is and it's only $9,500!!! Hurry up while supplies last!! I also take cash, credit cards, money orders, silver, and gold!!
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 2:37 PM

Haelo, I am royulty from Nigeeria and I has qyure for have eb0la Is tops ecret govermint vaksunation and I am wanting trust yoou to have but I ur need soshul sekerty number, bank acownt & rooter informayshun becaus my assitits ar frozyn in cayeanne islands and can not de livering to yore countrie unless without your help to savw you EbolA.
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 2:45 PM

Fuck'em let the chaos begin. I would have never sent help over there in the first place, shut the borders and let nature take its course
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 2:56 PM

Transmission is through bodily fluids so your just as likely to catch aids or down syndrome
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 3:14 PM

Unfortunately Americans as a whole are paranoid and sheeple. The media preys on this because it sells, and people fall for it hook line and sinker. Some are so worried about the boogie man coming to get them, that they fail to enjoy the day that is in front of them. In this world the worst that can happen to you is that you will die. Guess what you WILL die one day. Don’t walk around being a paranoid pussy enjoy the day, smell the flowers and the pussy. Just live your life.
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 3:26 PM

I don't think its a big deal and I'm not worried its going to spread like the plague. I blame the media as usual for hyping it up more then it is. They seem to enjoy getting people all paranoid. I look at it like this. They just dramatize it to boost sales of products so people go out and spend money on shit to try and prevent it. Just like the news always does when a so called "BIG STORM" is going to hit. People buy out stock. Shovels/battery's/salt etc... But that so called big storm is nothing but a fart in the wind. That's just my opinion on it thoe.
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 3:32 PM

I heard that you can get it off a door knob. oh no! I have a door knob! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 3:34 PM

@the_aristocrat, fucking down syndrome!?? LMMFAO!!! So down syndrome is contagious, huh? Well that explains a lot!!!
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 3:55 PM

People losing their shit daily over this"That’s what happens when you catch Ebola in the first case .
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 4:21 PM

You’re more likely to be killed by a moped than ebola, at least thats what I seems like from visiting crazyshit.com
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 6:07 PM

Ebola will have to get in line behind cancer and aids to kill me.
posted on: 10-27-14 @ 9:12 PM

@ bigtex thanks buddy, I'm glad at least someone got the joke
posted on: 10-28-14 @ 12:22 AM

Pretty much dont eat african peoples shit and you should be alright, guys
posted on: 10-28-14 @ 3:34 AM

the flu killed more people last year in the states than sars and bird flu combined!but we don’t mind people walking around with those killer disease’s
posted on: 10-28-14 @ 2:39 PM