Two Different Halloweens

on 10.30.2014

Jay and I have very different ideas of what Halloween is about. For him it's all about having fun with his kid, eating candy and drinking beer. For me it's all about having fun with drunk chicks wearing really slutty costumes and drinking whiskey. As much as I like candy, I think mine sounds better. All you who agree, make sure to get some good pics to send us. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Tell the chicks to gobble Santa's sleigh until you get a white christmas early.
posted on: 10-30-14 @ 3:49 PM

For me Halloween is all about butt sex. Get the carpet cleaner out cause were gonna make a mess. The more people the better just gotta maintain a good ratio men/women that way we don't have any accidents
posted on: 10-30-14 @ 3:57 PM

Good time to put a Jason Hockey Mask on flirt with your chubby big tit cousin... bah who am I kidding probably knows who you are all along anyway.
posted on: 10-30-14 @ 4:11 PM

I’ll beat my Herman Munster till he fucking barfs.
posted on: 10-30-14 @ 4:32 PM

adam i am laying my money on jay getting laid this halloween. and he’s not even gonna try. you on the other hand will spend $250 bucks on boose and bitches and still end up at home alone jerkin off and eating gummy bears. one of the perks of being married is we don’t gotta go poontang hunting anymore!
posted on: 10-30-14 @ 4:52 PM

I’ll be staying at home getting drunk. Nobody rings my doorbell on halloween. (probably due to most of the lights being off and having psychotic death metal blaring at 120 decibels) I’ll also be dressed as a werewolf,...in other words I’ll be dressed like a normal person because there will be no full moon on the 31st therefore hindering my lycanthropic transformation. So there’s my halloween in a nutshell.
posted on: 10-30-14 @ 5:58 PM

I’m with Adam, I’d rather eat Candy then eat candy.
posted on: 10-30-14 @ 7:39 PM

Carefully there Adam, your treat could turn into a trick and a trip to see the doctor fucking unfamiliar pussy on Halloween.
posted on: 10-30-14 @ 8:28 PM

I would be on here, but my mother has to babysit my cosin’s young child that night. My cosin and her husband are going to a halloween party. I do not know if I cold get a chance to come to CrazyShit, but I will try... Also, Sat or Sun I will try and buy some reducest holloween candy from Wally World... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 10-30-14 @ 9:35 PM

i knew it! i knew it! truckingman lives in his moms basement!!
posted on: 10-31-14 @ 11:23 AM