Fat Or Ugly?

on 11.16.2014

So let's say you have to decide between fucking a fat chick or a really ugly chick. What's it going to be? And no, you can't just turn the ugly chick around or turn the lights off so you don't have to look at her. Whoever you choose, there has to be kissing and eye contact. Let's also say the ugly chick stinks pretty bad. Obviously the fat chick stinks too but let's say the ugly one stinks worse. And might be a little hairy. Made your decision yet? Fat or ugly? Oh yeah, and you have to be sober. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I’ll take the one that swallows please.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 12:35 PM

Which ever your mom is!!
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 12:36 PM

Ugly all day I can ignore the bush, stench, and ugly to get mine.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 12:38 PM

I love me a big girl, they sure could suck a dick dry, in high school I was a little bitch Tryna get at all the hot ones, not knowing the big girls would caress my nuts and swallow my babies...
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 12:47 PM

Whichever one does not scare my dog. If they both do, I will go without.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 12:53 PM

I’d let them play with each other whilst I went to the pub and had some nice gin.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 12:55 PM

Ugly for sure. You can drink away ugly.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 1:13 PM

90% of them over 50 are just that so what does it matter. Like I said I’d fuck Hillary. Shit I’d fuck her Horse Face daughter too.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 1:26 PM

Nothing's ever easy with this guy. Adam you're fucking killing me.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 1:32 PM

Ether way.... does she have a hot sister?? cause you can always upgrade!!
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 1:34 PM

I can do fat, i can do ugly, i can even tolerate hairy, but smelly is never gonna happen. You can be a fat, ugly, hairy bitch and still shower like a human
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 2:15 PM

I can't handle the stink, knowing how and why it stinks is horrifying. Fat or skinny as long as the bitch is hygienic and knows how to wash her shit I'm good. I wish they ALL knew that
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 2:43 PM

check please, im outta here!
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 2:46 PM

Cory H.
Fat and ugly. Less work, and tighter.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 3:12 PM

Or 3 way you putz!
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 3:47 PM

Well we know you’re not fat Amam so I’d have to go with ugly if I do you! But we Know Jay is not ugly So if I have to pick him then. Oh the things I do for my V.I.P account on this site
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 3:59 PM

can suicide be an option
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 4:00 PM

Who is forcing us to fuck the ugly skank and fat bitch? I need more information before making my decision.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 5:06 PM

I’ll just whack off and imagine a hot chick that doesn’t stink
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 5:14 PM

@whobe #whoabe. Torrey Spelling is Hillary's daughter?
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 5:43 PM

Just change the title to Jay or Adam and be done with it already!
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 5:57 PM

Ok. I got 8 uglies n 3 fatties n a whole lot of undecided. LOL! But Adam never said which one he wanted. So I'm putting him down for both! Haha!
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 7:25 PM

i’ll fuck both, Shit ill go for the threesome if they agree.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 9:30 PM

You porn and a bottle of lotion.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 10:24 PM

Beauty is only skin deep...fat is only deep skin...if they stink I would rather jerkoff...
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 11:19 PM

normal b.o. is more tolerable than fat people’s b.o. fat b.o. is fermented sweat that reeks of gouda cheese and a crime scene. however, biochemically speaking, i could never achieve arousal with a person i was not attracted too. so, no, to an ugly. and it is implied that the fat girl is pretty, so, idk... it’s a quandary.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 11:34 PM

The blind man shies from the smelly one... Eye contact? What's that? Pupil porn? Sclera sex?
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 11:50 PM

Either but sobriety is never an option.
posted on: 11-16-14 @ 11:57 PM

I'm going full fatty on this one
posted on: 11-17-14 @ 8:21 AM

Is a threesome within the realm of possibility?
posted on: 11-17-14 @ 9:07 AM