Call The Hotline

on 11.23.2014

Yo motherfuckers, pick up your phones and dial 888-868-4690 to call the Crazyshit Hotline. But don't just hang up like an asshole. Leave a message. It's not just for Ron to call up to give his news report or to tell me to get my lazy ass in gear and do the Week in Crazyshit. It's also for you to call and tell us how much you love Crazyshit or how much you hate it. Say anything. We don't care. As long as you call and make us feel special. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
so were is Ron’s weekly news and our WICS
posted on: 11-23-14 @ 1:44 PM

The time between WICS is to long to be topical. Last time I called I left a George W. Bush joke.
posted on: 11-23-14 @ 1:46 PM

Well fucking shit.. I was going to call the hotline and leave a fart message.. didn’t realize the phone had rung and it was my uncle calling.. On top of that it was a fucking bad idea overall I shouldn’t have had tacos last night.
posted on: 11-23-14 @ 3:14 PM

Adam. you’re not supposed to be this lazy until you are my age. You get out what you put in. You want the members to get involved and yet you don’t involve the members. SO GET FUCKED!
posted on: 11-23-14 @ 5:12 PM

Was gonna call the crazyshit hotline, but then I got high
posted on: 11-23-14 @ 5:40 PM

getting tuff to do the news when the news is 2-3 weeks old by the time it gets on wics. maybe i should come up with some other gimmick. anyone got any ideas? and go fuck yourself is not an option i’ve tried it, the length is there but the humping part will damn near break my back.
posted on: 11-23-14 @ 5:54 PM

@rockinron That’s an easy one Ron. Make a WICS yourself. It’s kind of easy for anyone who hasn’t ever done it before. I wonder If I do it 12 times in one year if Jay will send me my $10 back lol. Lazy Crackers Pow pOw poW!
posted on: 11-23-14 @ 6:21 PM

I would but I know my accent would turn you all on, and no work would get done....so for the sake of my fellow CSers, I won’t...xoxox
posted on: 11-23-14 @ 6:48 PM

I will try and call you up one day... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 11-23-14 @ 7:26 PM

You guys want us to VIP, call the hotline and get the forums going again. But you guys can't even put together a weekly... Blue mf'in. disgusted sincerely kanada.
posted on: 11-23-14 @ 9:15 PM

Here's an idea Ron, really die next time...
posted on: 11-23-14 @ 10:06 PM

Just called - I hope- the CS hotline, drunk on the job again. Waiting for the week to end on this desert island rock of lead. Lot storm too bullets
posted on: 11-24-14 @ 2:19 AM

lol you are a lonely person, adam.
posted on: 11-24-14 @ 12:35 PM

Mommy told me never to talk to strangers.
posted on: 11-29-14 @ 9:48 PM