Too Wet To Drive

on 12.13.2014

One of the great things about Southern California is the weather is pretty much always perfect. The bad side to that is that whenever it rains, people have no fucking clue how to drive. I've lived all over and spent 9 years somewhere that it rains nearly every fucking day, so it's really quite annoying to deal with these shitty drivers. It blows my mind how I can not even be doing the speed limit on the freeway, and still be flying past everyone. What the fuck! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Something relatible, i have lived in SoCal for 20years, i get so much road rage qhen it rains. I sometimes imagine ramming other vehicles off the road.
posted on: 12-13-14 @ 3:16 PM

Try living in North Florida when a Major storm come through. Between the drivers, fallen trees, and down power lines, it a MF" Mess Like when tropical storm Debby came through in June 26, 2012... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 12-13-14 @ 3:23 PM

Legalize rape.
posted on: 12-13-14 @ 3:30 PM

I’d still rather deal with idiots that can’t drive in the rain than idiots laying in the middle of the fucking road blocking traffic and calling it a protest. All that does is make me hate you and bullshit cause even more you fucking cunts
posted on: 12-13-14 @ 3:34 PM

@the_aristocrat Hopefully some big donkey cock mother fucker starts with you.
posted on: 12-13-14 @ 4:40 PM

These a the same r-tards who move to the N.W. and make us take 1" snow days.
posted on: 12-13-14 @ 5:12 PM

i hate the fuckin assholes from florida that come to michigan and drive like there’s 4 feet of snow on the ground when we get 3 inches the bight before. bunch of pansys!
posted on: 12-13-14 @ 5:29 PM

One should embrace the seasons. Where I live it’s -3 tonight and raining but I still wouldn’t change it.
posted on: 12-13-14 @ 5:38 PM

Last time I was in San Diego.. the traffic was unbearable. Luckily for me I was only there for a day giving a friend of a friend a ride to TJ... I didn’t get to go to TJ I couldn’t stand waiting in line for the border So I dropped the fucker off.. Hoped you enjoyed the senoritas buddy...
posted on: 12-13-14 @ 6:44 PM

Hey, my family and I when up to Michigan in the snow. We drove like it wwas Flarida in the rain Rockinron. I have family up there...
posted on: 12-13-14 @ 7:11 PM

Here in central Texas, if we get one fucking ice sickle everything shuts down!! Fucking retarded!!
posted on: 12-13-14 @ 9:38 PM

Today's entire post was disappointing. Tomorrow better have more tits.
posted on: 12-14-14 @ 12:48 AM

Hahha... drunk again.. listenging to CCR... get drunk fuckers its the motherfucking weekend!!!!
posted on: 12-14-14 @ 2:08 AM

Fuck,,, they don’t even take the plows out here in Mass, unless we’re gonna get more than three inches. Though the first snow storm is the worst. Everyone forgets how to drive on snow and the idiot in the SUVs think they’re invincible. they’re the one I see most off the side of the road. I just laugh and drive on by.
posted on: 12-14-14 @ 7:41 AM

I grew up in So Cal. Having lived in NorCal, CT, NY, and now Maryland, each place has their own type of shitty drivers. MD drivers tailgate BIG TIME. CT drivers go straight for the fast lane when they get on the highway, no matter how fast or slow they're driving.
posted on: 12-14-14 @ 1:09 PM