What A Week

on 12.19.2014

To make a really long story short, we went down to visit family in Florida and by some very weird circumstance, my foot got infected. Infected in the sense that my foot looked like a massive sausage in sandals. I limped around on it a few days and when I got back to Boston, seen a doctor that morning. It turns out, they think it's cellulitis. I have no idea how or why I could have gotten it, unless some fat from my stomach made it's way down. I'm not sure. But it hurts like hell, and all I can do is sit on the couch with my leg up. Fun. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You should've taken a photo of it and posted it so we could comment about fucking it it an shit
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 2:29 PM

Fuzzynaval pretty much said exactly what I was thinking too...
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 2:35 PM

did they give you an antibiotic called vancomisin or another one called leviquin?
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 2:52 PM

..then you will have time to get the WICS on time? Weee!!! (..and I doubt about cellulitis..)
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 2:55 PM

Most people have cellphoneulitis... At least it's a real affliction... To your health...
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 3:31 PM

@Jay.D write CS on it and Post a pic. I need to rub one out
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 4:17 PM

Jay I know your pain. I've had that many times. Even a couple hospital stays. You can get it from the smallest cut or a bug bite. Always got shots and pills of antibiotics called keflex or cephalexin. It broke out in my leg once while at a party and discovered that enough jack daniels in your system will clear it up as well.
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 5:22 PM

Good maybe we can get some good death videos now or some maybe just have some good old tire ring neck burning fun ???
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 5:43 PM

Worldwide, 27,000 people died from cellulitis, but don't worry. That statistic is from Wikipedia. They might be off by as many as 100.
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 6:37 PM

Oh, and that's 27,000 in 2010, not in the history of the world.
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 6:38 PM

Thats what you gett for not having a tetanus shot before sleeping with these gals crazyshit.com/cnt/pics/45308-worst-night-of-my-life
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 6:44 PM

So long as you got a girl who can pour a saline solution on the wound and sew it up with a little neosporin and some brown listerine you should be ok. If not then go see a real doctor.
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 6:45 PM

Jay Cellulitis is nothing to laugh about. I had that Shit on my face back in August luckally I haad it checked out beffore it got worse. Also, it hard to tell how you or I got it. Trust me, I still do not know how. I hope you will get better, and I wish you good luck Jay. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 8:16 PM

Peg leg Jay D. Arg!!
posted on: 12-19-14 @ 8:39 PM

Cory H.
Sitting on the couch is good. Too bad it had to be because you’re ill.
posted on: 12-20-14 @ 12:12 AM

Hey Truck...you sure it wasn't cumulitis? Any way..hope you feel better Jay and all is well.
posted on: 12-20-14 @ 1:05 AM

Sometimes I wonder if most of the fag pics come from members? Honest thought. Cause as I see it, as a woman, members rarely send real shit in.
posted on: 12-20-14 @ 6:07 AM

Lol you mention a sausage in a sandal and already you got two white guys who are thinking about fucking it.Lmao shaking my muhfuckin head!
posted on: 12-20-14 @ 6:23 AM

Yes it was Dullfeathers. I had went to the emergency room because of the swelling, and they diagnosed as Cellulitis. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 12-20-14 @ 9:16 PM