Bidet Awesomeness

on 01.04.2015

Good bye toilet paper, itís been swell, but my butt has found a new way to get clean. Itís called a bidet. It was a gag gift this Christmas, that really has turned my life around. No more monkey butt, not for me at least. After a night of drinking beers and shitting 3-5 times in one day, my ass used to be raw. Now with this great invention, a quick shot of water, and Iím sparkling fresh in my brown eye. Word of caution if you are going to get one, do not turn the water pressure all the way up when using it. You will lose your ass virginity. The highest pressure will peel the paint off the walls. óJay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
..Sad to say the "retarded europeans" are using them since before you were born..
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 1:57 PM

Isn't that supposed to be Adam's gift? He needs it to wash his little cum receptacle.
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 2:00 PM

I still use leaves and stones
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 2:07 PM

so now you have a clean ringer you can sit in comfort and do WICS
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 2:11 PM

Holy shit! You're baptizing your shit.
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 2:32 PM

@longhungwong : Try with bark. Oak is great for big jobs..
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 2:34 PM

Wow, I bet your boyfriend is excited!!
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 2:39 PM

I been suing one for years, That’s I discovered I liked anal play so get ready for some interesting blogs in the future guys and gals
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 3:27 PM

@ ouch: You sent one to Jay D. didn’t you? You’re recruiting! LOL
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 3:43 PM

@potrostation Yep. I know from experience how he smells down there. That’s why I had to knock him back lol
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 4:07 PM

So you quit putting peanut butter on it and letting your dog loose? We all now know why you call your dog asshole.
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 4:34 PM

sure is great for waking up in the morning! a nice cold blast of water on your ass and nuts gets the blood going!!
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 5:03 PM

Adams asshole actually yawns to expel the cum gas, so he just waits on the yawn, stoops over the bidet and gets a colon cleans and a quick prostate orgamsm all at once!
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 7:04 PM

We’ve had one for years, although it’s a fancy one that blasts warm water instead.
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 7:56 PM

If even one drop of water enter your butthole you’re queer now.
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 8:55 PM

At least now your cunt will smell clean for your boyfriend.
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 9:14 PM

That’s good Jay At least you do not have or use one of the older types. They where sepret from the toilet and shot cold ass water up your ass, the new ones heat the water up first... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 01-04-15 @ 9:15 PM