Trying To Stay Positive

on 01.09.2015

In the wake of even more dead from these asshats in France, I have to feel a bit let down. Our idea of having whites, blacks and browns uniting for a common goal of eliminating all Muslim Extremists needs to be put in action. We need to round up the gang-bangers from Cali, the White Supremacists from the Idaho, and the blacks from Chicago. Give them a few weeks training, and some airplane tickets. They all get targets to execute on site, with ticker tape parades when they get back. Not only that, but they can keep all the bank accounts and funneled money when they kill their targets. Who can we talk to about getting this plan in action? --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Woah jay, us Americans have freedom of speech but more posts like that and the cia might Guantanamo your ass.
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 3:27 PM

edeybody need to nigger up and bust a cap in dheir ass eaight.nummasayin
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 3:33 PM

I say we go inglorious shitters on these basterds. Funded by bigtex, we drop the peanut gallery deep behind enemy lines. Armed with rpg's,cattle prongs, mopeds with dash cams, booze & a pound of kush. We use adam as bait to draw-out jihad John. After they capture adam we head back to our hide out, "the man cave", to get drunk & high. Waiting on word from Jay for our next move. Jay tells us to forget about adam and start kidnapping one ISIS member at a time. And to release videos of rockinron fucking their wound pussies. After releasing 5 videos of rockin-jihad-ron going ape-shit on wound pussy the extremists give up. And adam gets beheaded, now that would be the ISIS on the cake.
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 5:04 PM

In my opinion, America has too many problems of it's own to worry about another country!! It pisses me off every time I see a commercial about donating money for starting children in other countries. I don't see commercials about all the starving children right here in our country. Resolve our own issues before we worry about another's!! Would you pay your neighbor's rent if you were two months behind on your own??
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 5:30 PM

Good idea Jay.. kill 4 birds with one stone..
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 5:32 PM

You first Jay
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 6:37 PM

It will take some MF" heavy negotiation to get your plain to work Jay. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 7:03 PM

One word: Extermination
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 7:18 PM

@kanada, "funded by Bigtex", huh? Is this my brother??
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 7:25 PM

Everybody knows that this will be a problem here,, in the U.S. soon. I’m not one to FREAK OUT, and I’m not,,but it will only be a matter of time before "they" strike us her in the U.S.. We can’t ROUND UP every Muslim and I.D. them all,, but WE,,,, AS U.S. CITIZENS can be vigil. SEE SOMETHING,,,, SAY SOMETHING!!!!!!!
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 7:33 PM

@ bigtex: Are you suggesting we send contraception instead of food? lol
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 8:20 PM

@goodster They already struck you remember 9/11? ISIS are the new version of the Taliban and they still regard Osama Bin Laden as their ultimate leader even though he’s dead (maybe who knows). Here in the UK Mi5 have infiltrated and stopped 3 terrorist attacks lately. Can’t stop and search everyone and not every Muslim is a terrorist that’s why it’s so difficult to extract the bad seeds from the good. Seeing as you have access to firearms in the US it’s easier for some lone terrorist to buy arms, walk in any public place and massacre hundreds. Worrying times and there’s fuck all anyone can do to stop them.
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 8:35 PM

All this shit is going down and no one said anything about that massive asteroid headed this way. Were all fucked!
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 8:58 PM

Jay D.
@longhungwong finally, someone gets it!
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 10:06 PM

posted on: 01-09-15 @ 10:29 PM

Right behind you Jay. Hell, I’d even violate my "felon in possession" status to go fuck ’em up myself.
posted on: 01-09-15 @ 11:52 PM

@englishgent To drunk to argue with you right now,,,,, Be back here tmro!!! Goody!!!!!!!!
posted on: 01-10-15 @ 1:38 AM

Terrorist attacks happen all around the world at all times of the year. They have been for decades. Every time there's a terrorist attack people go into mass hysteria. I'm pretty sure the frequency of these types of terrorism happen with the same frequency for the last 30 years and will continue to remain the same for the next 30. Also, the cops don't even carry firearms in France so an attack like this is far less likely here in America.
posted on: 01-10-15 @ 6:07 AM

Sounds like a great plan! Send all those assholes over there to fight even bigger assholes! Once their all over there drop a nuke!
posted on: 01-10-15 @ 9:39 AM

Jay D.
@morbuis669 thanks for boiling down my blog to one sentence.
posted on: 01-10-15 @ 9:45 AM

@potrostation, I'm suggesting we don't send shit!! Completely forgot about anyone else's problems until we resolve our own!! Jay.D has a great idea! Get all the extremists in one place and drop a nuke on them! Now that's funding I could get behind!!
posted on: 01-10-15 @ 10:16 AM

I like it.. and all the Champagne and stinky cheese they can eat.
posted on: 01-10-15 @ 2:20 PM

@Bigtex I hear what you are saying but we will never "fix" all of our domestic problems. World affairs that seem to not be our problem could one day spill over into the US if not dealt with early on. Slapping other countries and extremist groups around that our military feels is a threat to our country is a dirty task that just has to be handled. We turned a blind eye to groups like the Taliban in the past and we paid the ultimate price for it. Better to swing first in an unavoidable fight as opposed to being hit first.
posted on: 01-10-15 @ 6:19 PM

Who’s going to kull back the international jew if we kill all the muslim extremists? I say we should just nuke every country that has more dark skinned people and/or asians than white skinned, and be done with this bullshit belief that apes will ever evolve out of being fruit stealing stone throwing primates. Nothing racist in this comment if it’s my religious belief, RIGHT!
posted on: 01-12-15 @ 9:13 AM