Betting Time

on 01.30.2015

I could really care less about who is playing in the Super Bowl, but I sure love to gamble. And a fun game we like to play at the house for our Super Bowl party is the football squares. I have never won a single time in the years we have played it, but it makes boring ass football game pretty exciting while drinking and eating my ass burning chili. My mom has actually walked away with $250 at one party, she needs to share some luck with me. Next week's WICS will have me making my famous chili. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
you will be talking about violent diarrhea after eating all of that chili, trust me you will hate that
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 2:16 PM

^^^ well make adam eat all of that chili
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 2:17 PM

well post the recipe this time
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 3:41 PM

@ Adam what's so famous about your chilli ? You fucking ass fucker .
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 5:24 PM

Hey Jay, let’s see you eat all of thaat MF" CHILL Bitch.... Sincerely and LMMF"AO, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 6:24 PM

I'll drop by for some chili. I'll bring my travel bidet.
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 6:43 PM

I only played football squares one time in my life and won both half time and end score, I won $1000.00, It was the last square and nobody would buy it. Had no idea I even won until the next day when the guy came up to me calling me a lucky fucker. I figured odds were against me after that so I never played again.
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 6:54 PM

@corruptedsob,, Adam didn’t write this blog dummy! As for the Chilli,, Jay I’ll try some I you ever get out this way.
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 7:35 PM

@goodster my bad ... I still like busting on Adam .
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 7:52 PM

Heh... Partying with Mom. Get the ’ol lady to write CS on her tits!
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 7:57 PM

Yup, I know what you mean. My brother usually had some damn good shit cooked for the Super Bowl. I’ll probably hang out there. Eat, and pass out. And on a side note......Ron, if you’re not dead again, fuck you. If you are dead again, fuck you.
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 9:49 PM

I am expecting a RATE MY SHIT for you now Jay D. the day after the chilli ring of fire
posted on: 01-30-15 @ 11:24 PM