They Hate Us, Because They Aint Us

on 02.02.2015

Go Pats! They did it again my boys won the Super Bowl. I had a group of Seahawks fans crowding my house and man were they talking shit at the half. I kept quiet celebrating as little as possible, but man at the end I was the loudest one here by far. We'll just say there were some salty ass crackers in attendance after that last INT. If I remember there were only two pats fans that replied to my last question so I'm ready for the flak for talking about it, but did you guys enjoy the Super Bowl better than last years blowout? Also what the fuck was with all the depressing ass commercials last night? What were you guys favorite Super Bowl commercial ever? Mine was the Reebok ones with Terry Tate the office linebacker. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
B.J.... Just when you think your being to loud in celebration,,,, You AMP IT UP two more notches! Super Bowl Champs, Mother Fuckers!!!!!!! DEFLATE THAT BITCHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 1:55 PM

on a much more serious note is anybody else having probs d/loading the vids, been having probs the last 2 days or so ??
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 2:08 PM

how can i watch the older "" week in cs videos? """ i have missed several of them since last few weeks
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 2:11 PM

They should have taken their chances and given it to Lynch,I don’t know what the fuck Russell was thinking.
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 2:28 PM

Yes they hate us becausa' they ain't us.
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 3:22 PM

Fuck the Patriots and Fuck the Seahawks
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 3:38 PM

I don't remember how it ended, was way to drunk .
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 4:24 PM

jlm77,what team do you like?
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 4:35 PM

go hawks, bad choices by management., they played the odds and failed, what do you do. best commercial was the one for ted2. and it is a movie trailer... w t f
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 6:33 PM

I’m a die hard Saints fan.....not really a Patriot fan but I fuckin hate the Seahawks and that fuckin thug Lynch. It did my heart good to see them lose because of a rookie.....hahaha!!! And then they threw a temper tantrum like a bunch of crybaby bitches.... Fuck the Seahawks....
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 6:52 PM

I hope Marshawn Lynch drank himself into oblivion last night and got his ass kicked by a midget...
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 6:57 PM

Bill Buckler is a goddam ninja.
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 7:30 PM

I watched it with my wife's family. Holy fuck! They're not football fans and have a bunch of loud whiny kids (No kids for me. Fuck that). They all kept talking and kept turning the volume on their shitty 24" TV down (beach house). I come from a patriotic family that salutes during The National Anthem. These fuckers couldn't shut up for two minutes to show respect and got mad at me for trying to hush them for two fucking minutes. I was ready to throw someone through a wall. I was gonna go down to a bar and watch it with a bunch of strangers. You know, people I care about more) but stuck through it.
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 9:18 PM

@fulmerino why is Lynch a thug? I've never really heard of him getting into "thug" trouble. As far as drinking himself into oblivion....those guys are world class athletes they can abuse their bodies in the evening and do amazing things on the field the next day.
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 10:27 PM

Patriots din’t win the game -- fuck ass Pete Carroll lost it.
posted on: 02-02-15 @ 11:59 PM

@vulture Yup, not everyday but enough I got used to it and I refresh the page.
posted on: 02-03-15 @ 10:45 AM

NO, I hate you because you’re gay.
posted on: 02-03-15 @ 11:10 AM