Road Ragin'

on 02.04.2015

What do you do when some asshole cuts you off or does some retarded shit on the road that requires you to somehow avoid an accident? Do you get all pissed and start yelling at that fucker? Do you lay on your horn? Do you ride his ass and hope he pulls over so you can stomp him? Or do you just let it go? It's hard to not want to destroy some asshole drivers sometimes, but I've really been making efforts to not even let those morons phase me. They're fucking everywhere though, so it can be pretty challenging. If you do end up road raging on some dumb motherfucker, make sure to record it for us. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I yell at everyone when I am in my truck. It keeps me from killing some dumb ass.
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 2:25 PM

These shitty uploads piss me off more than any driver
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 2:36 PM

I hate riding with road raging motherfuckers I just let it go they can't fucking hear an it won't make them a better driver.
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 2:41 PM

we have a lot of shit drivers over here and I see idiots out on the road every day doing crazy this around the 40+ ton artic i’m driving, if I was to get worked up every time my heart would have blow a gasket years ago, if its really bad they get a big taste of the air horns, and that includes cyclists
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 2:46 PM

The older I get, the less I give a shit. I might flip em off and mouth "ur a cocksucker" but then let it go. Now what burns my fuckin ass are the slow drivers in the fast lane!!!! I get blood thirsty insane over that dumb shit!!
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 2:47 PM

^Yup,, Nothing I’m gonna do that will change there behavior, other than flat out killing them.
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 2:49 PM

Hey man you know I’m really okay The gun in my hand will tell you the same But when I’m in my car Don’t give me no crap Cause the slightest thing and I just might snap When I go driving I stay in my lane But getting cut off it makes me insane I open the glove box Reach inside I’m gonna wreck this fucker’s ride [Chorus:] I guess I got a bad habit Of blowin’ away (Yeah, Yeah) I got a bad habit (Yeah, Yeah) And it ain’t goin’ away (Yeah, Yeah) Yeah (Yeah, Yeah) Yeah (Yeah, Yeah)
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 3:06 PM

@ouch ^We know you don’t get mad at anyone on the road because you are so use to getting it up the ass. Now don’t go getting all butt hurt you know I’m just kidding with ya:)
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 3:21 PM

I usually let it go... Then I get my camera ready to record a heinous wreck.
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 3:29 PM

I once threw a snapple bottle at a car that cut us off. My wife was driving and we had the kids in the car. That shit pissed me off because my kids were involved. I drive a little fast so i usually don't get cut off and i don't cut people off.
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 3:36 PM

Yeah I did that back in the day, punched a truck driver in a road rage,got arrested almost went to prison for assault, It was thrown out because the truck driver was an illegal and disappeared after the hospital visit. Never again did I do something like that.
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 3:43 PM

@whobe I just +1’d myself to make myself feel better too
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 4:27 PM

I gave you 2+ because you are a cool dude and a sport.
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 5:14 PM

You should move to Russia Adam, road rage with the best of them.
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 5:34 PM

I opt for Russian Road Rage .
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 6:32 PM

I listen to audio books...that way I can’t hear your screams of rage.....seriously You want to kill them but its just not worth it..Older, somewhat wiser.
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 8:33 PM

After driving a truck for 15 years I've learned to just let it go. Happens countless times daily. Though there have been a few over the years that I'd have really liked to send flying off the road.
posted on: 02-04-15 @ 9:02 PM

I just empty my beer and throw them the bottle.
posted on: 02-05-15 @ 2:48 AM

Get their license plate number, track them down and when they're not looking, shit all over their car.
posted on: 02-05-15 @ 3:56 AM

it actually takes a lot of nerve to get in an actual street fight if you’re not some teenager. road rage incidents always play out by me loosing control on some poor sap, said sap will give me the bird, i’ll indicate for him to pull over, he does, i get excited because i think, "oh shit, it’s about to go down," and then the guy will inevitably hop out of his car, red in the face, speaking from his diaphragm, but in spite of all that, everything he says will be completely rational and quasi-conciliatory.Lol it’s always something like, "LOOK, MAN, I MADE A FUCKING MISTAKE. I’M HUMAN. NOW WE’RE SUPPOSED TO FIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET LIKE TWO ANIMALS? I GOT SHIT TO DO! I’M TRYING TO GET TO WORK! WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?Lmao you can’t answer that with a punch unless you’re truly crazy. but it’s funny because it takes a lot of nerve to fight in the street if you’re a grown ass man. i just like getting upset, telling people how shitty a driver they are, but i know all too well that ain’t shit really about to go down. i’ll meet a crazy guy every now and then, and you have to fight, but fuck it, if he’s as bad a driver as i made out, then he deserves a punch to the face.
posted on: 02-05-15 @ 5:08 AM