Ice Cream Man

on 02.08.2015

I wonder why we never hear about ice cream truck drivers snapping and killing a bunch of kids, or going on some crazy rampage in the ice cream truck, cause if I had to listen to the fucking music they play over and over, I would lose my shit real quick. I don't know how they do it. They could at least get a mix tape with all those shitty songs and change it up a bit. I guess I wasn't meant to be an ice cream man. In site news, now you can click the left or right arrow on your keyboard while looking at pictures and videos to go the previous or next page. Boyah! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I asked our ice cream guy if he ever got tired of hearing that loud shitty music and his reply was "what music"?
posted on: 02-08-15 @ 2:12 PM

Do fat chicks go crazy from working in a dount shop? Hell no! Why would a pedophile snap and give up his dream job? A kiddie buffet to choose from every day...they probably do it for free!
posted on: 02-08-15 @ 2:20 PM

You played too much Twisted Metal .
posted on: 02-08-15 @ 2:43 PM

Most of those guys I would guess own their trucks. That loud cheesy music is probably easy to ignore when it's putting cash in your pocket.
posted on: 02-08-15 @ 2:47 PM

I can hear the comments now,, But around here they’ve always been called THE DING-DONG CART!
posted on: 02-08-15 @ 4:19 PM

I'd change that infernal racket to play Van Halen's rendition of "Ice Cream Man".
posted on: 02-08-15 @ 4:29 PM

Never hear about them being naked too
posted on: 02-08-15 @ 7:03 PM

This arrow thing is annoying, I use these keys to move the cursor when typing...
posted on: 02-09-15 @ 12:05 PM