Who Would It Be?

on 02.21.2015

If you could kick anyone in the balls as hard as you could, who would it be? That's a tough one to answer, so I'm not even going to try to narrow down the options, but maybe you already have someone in mind. I'll tell you what, you can even use an object to hit their balls with, so what would you choose? A bat, a spiked bat, a crowbar, sock with a can of soup in it? Any ideas? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I’d kick Obama right in the cunt.
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 4:12 PM

Tom Cruise, with the reaper blade. Hes a pompous lil bitch, all 5'6"s of em.
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 4:22 PM

I'd club Kanye West like a seal.
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 5:20 PM

@mykejp agreed
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 5:25 PM

But the one I would love to kick is ’OLD MAN WINTER" he deserves a good hard nut shot..Snow again!!
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 5:28 PM

posted on: 02-21-15 @ 5:41 PM

I'd kick rockinron so hard he would see jesus.
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 6:07 PM

Michelle Obama. Right in her nutsack.
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 6:30 PM

Jay D.
ohh so many nut sacks I would like to kick with some steel toe boots. I don’t even know where to start. Actually I’m pretty content right now. But @nybadguy that’s funny!
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 7:14 PM

@ bobbabooey;honkie365 already took yours. lol
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 7:38 PM

ISIS with a some Tomahawk missiles; aslo, some unfortunate soul, whom for what ever reason has done me wrong, an airpowered spud gun with a steel ball... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 8:18 PM

Kanye West with a dull machete
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 8:19 PM

Hillary Clinton, because I think "it's" junk is bigger than mine.
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 10:47 PM

My E-Father in law for producing my piece of shit Ex-wife. His nut sack being brutally attacked by a massively heavy pineapple. After the beating chop them off and send them to my Ex.
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 11:02 PM

That’s a tough one. Let’s see, Queen ISIS or Abraham? Well, Queen isis married her dead dismembered brother (After she collected his body parts and resurrected him) Then they screwed, had baby Horas and etc,etc,etc and BAMM! Somehow that turned into this ISIS shit were dealing with.... And Abraham. Well, He kicked off this whole "Monotheism" religion nonsense that led to Christianity then islam with there Allah bullshit..... Is there Any way I Could possibly have "TWO" kicks please?
posted on: 02-21-15 @ 11:56 PM

I’d like to go back in time and punch Muhammad right in the nuts.
posted on: 02-22-15 @ 12:06 AM

the bastard that came up with child support , right in hes fucking cunt with a midgets forehead
posted on: 02-22-15 @ 3:22 AM

The next mother fucker in the left lane going under the speed limit and fucking around on their phone. For any stupid asshole reading this and doesn’t know any better THE LEFT HAND LANE IS FOR PASSING!
posted on: 02-22-15 @ 7:46 AM

The Amish niece on Banshee, just so I could sniff my foot later.
posted on: 02-22-15 @ 1:20 PM

I'd like to have a a horse kick Ashton kutcher right in the sack.
posted on: 02-22-15 @ 3:00 PM

pull cockinrons cock out of youre mouth and update the news god damn it
posted on: 02-22-15 @ 3:42 PM