Always Looking

on 02.24.2015

I can't help but notice how pretty much everyone I see crossing the street just takes for granted that cars are going to stop for them. I hardly ever see anyone actually looking both ways, or even one way, before stepping off the curb. The light is green and that's all they need, whereas I'm constantly moving my head in all directions, and subconsciously analyzing all the different possible accidents that could take place and send a vehicle hurling in my direction. I even position myself on corners so I won't get crushed into a wall or pinned against a light post. I imagine many of you are the same. I guess it's possible that just by awareness, crazyshit can save lives. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
After being exposed to crazyshit I'm far more vigilant in everything I do, even when I'm at bars I scan the crowd wondering which could be the possible lone gunman.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 3:28 PM

After crazyshit became my morning ritual, my street crossing habits changed drastically.. I get shit from my friends calling me paranoid.. All I have to say is I'd rather be paranoid than a SMEAR ON THE TAR, being recorded by some douche nozzle in a vertical non-widescreen matter. If I could be assured that my death would be framed properly I might be down.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 3:42 PM

I check my corners walking around work. You should always expect the unexpected.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 3:43 PM

Crazy Shit gets you paranoid.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 3:45 PM

Awesome that you say that because I'm always watching when I'm driving ready for some idiot to do something dumb. Even more when walking especially with my kids. Cs pics just prove what I've known for years. Most people are stupid fucking animals.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 3:49 PM

one thing ive learned here on crazy shit is, people are fucking stupid and do stupid shit.. now thers a gun very close to my bed , (far from kids ).. I limit the people who come over to talk or hang or whatever.. I stop bringing random pussy home..i change my name when going to bars, witnesses (camera phones ) are everywhere , stay the fuck away from cartels and cops..oh and whatever the fuck zombie gina was on.. thank you crazy shit
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 4:13 PM

I never took anything for granite because I road a motorcycle most of my life but watching Crazy Shit videos did take me to a higher level of awareness. Crazy Shit is a better teacher than most parents.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 4:17 PM

When I see a situation developing that might be crazyshit worthy, the first thing I do is get my camera out. Stay vigilant people.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 4:19 PM

Yup. Anytime I see a scooter, I know the reaper is near so I ready my phone for video. If I see a slanty eyed nip driver I run the other way. Thank you, Crazyshit.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 4:59 PM

It has been almost a week since crazyshit posted gay shit on here. No Dick pics or videos since wednesday. Thanks Crazyshit.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 5:31 PM

Adam I always look both and in all directions before I cross the street; also, I try to stand by the pole because some Assholes like to cut the corners... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 6:16 PM

I'm definitely more observant of my environment now more than ever! Thank u crazyshit, saving lives circa 1999...
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 6:32 PM

" crazyshit can save lives. " You have no idea how profoundly true that is; Adam.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 7:08 PM

With all of the Mother Fucking SHIT that has been posted here on CrazyShit, it makes you look and think twice about everything.....
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 8:59 PM

@iluvkitty,,,And yet you go and remind them of their ways,, Good job BeanerMan.
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 9:12 PM

@iluvkitty +1, goodster -1 captain odvious. Adam, most people think they are going to get away with a hefty lawsuit By getting hit so they walk all nonchollant or watever. Csfl
posted on: 02-24-15 @ 11:24 PM

That is "if" they live Kilo_g, I have seen semis roll through my town and at 30mph you are a MF" Blood stain on the pavement. Semis do not stop on a dime...
posted on: 02-25-15 @ 2:44 AM

that is a yes,and I make it a point to tell people they got their head up their ass when they are not paying attention. soo.. basically you have turned me into a crazy old man
posted on: 02-25-15 @ 2:53 AM

your parents told you look both ways back when you were a tickle in your daddy’s sack. do that, and you’re gold. to be any more preoccupied with death than that is to run the risk of missing out on too much life. the day i miss a juicy ass in a pair of skin-tone leg-ins for a semi-truck is the day i’m not handsomedevil. HD4LYF, you wee cunts!
posted on: 02-25-15 @ 5:57 AM

i watch these vids and still ride my motorbike
posted on: 02-25-15 @ 6:06 PM