Eat The Meat

on 02.26.2015

I'll tell you one thing I'm sick of right now. Preachy ass vegetarians/vegans who can't shut the fuck up about how horrible and immoral eating meat is. If you want to be a pasty, skinny, whiny little bitch, then great for you, but leave me the fuck alone while I enjoy my delicious, juicy steak burrito. The only thing your crying about animal cruelty makes me want to do is eat a bacon cheeseburger and describe to you in detail how amazing it tastes. And guess what, plants are living things too, so get off your fucking high horse, you evil plant murderer. I actually do disagree with most farming and slaughterhouse practices, and I try to eat as much cage-free, organic, humanely farmed and all that kind of shit as possible. But I love eating animals. Those fuckers are delicious. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
What did the carnivore say to the vegetarian? My food Shits on your food.
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 3:52 PM

I know what you mean, Adam. They don't even think that THEY are KILLING the PLANTS that GIVE US OXYGEN... And as an insult to injury, fresh vegetables and fruits are alive when we eat them. The same as eating a calf or cow while it's still alive... Not to mention, as far as fruits go, we eat their zygotes(children) alive. So go fuck yourselves vegans. Your ideology is flawed.
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 3:54 PM

There are also vegetarians that eat eggs, fish, and cheese. They're called Ovolactopesca-hypocrites.
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 4:02 PM

Fuck them tree hugging organic eating vegans .
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 4:06 PM

I'd say they could eat a dick but they don't eat meat. I'm good with with meeting the cow that's going on my plate. Hell I'll even name it before I carve it up.
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 4:12 PM

^I’ve raised my own beef, pork, and chickens before, and let me tell you,, Nomad, Willber, and Henrietta were DELICIOUS!
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 4:17 PM

As dumb as chimps are they eat meat.
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 4:22 PM

Nothing like a beautiful steak and potato.
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 4:25 PM

broccoli feels pain
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 4:30 PM

If god didn't want me to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 4:38 PM

I had one going on at me the other xmas about me eating turkey and veg xmas day and how disgusting it was...I had to put me right and told him it would be turkey, pork and honey roast ham and then walked away
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 4:49 PM

We should eat meat in moderation like shoving burgers down our throats all the time, but three to four times a day sound reasonable. We all need a balance of plant and animal matter to survive. As of right now, I am eating a T-bone steak with some french fries and onion rings. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 7:26 PM

Im just getting back at all the farm animals that eat plants and greens.
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 7:54 PM

Welcome to SoCal Adam; where they cater to alcoholic vegetarians. I spent 3 years in Ventura. You must find "The Liquor Barn". This will help with the lack of meat pains.
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 8:00 PM

It’s a dog eat dog world afterall.
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 9:06 PM

Women don't need meat for protein. Men provide a life long supply with our vegetarian root juice!!!
posted on: 02-26-15 @ 9:34 PM

most vegetarians/vegans keep it to themselves, it’s people like you that whine about them not eating meat and piss off.
posted on: 02-27-15 @ 12:12 AM