on 03.10.2015

The Grandmother Fuckers Club shirt got me thinking about the biggest age difference between myself and a girl I've boned. Fortunately, mine is the opposite direction, with a 12 year difference between us. Yes, she was legal. I even checked her ID. I've yet to join the Grandmother Fuckers Club, but maybe one day. What about you? Do you like screwing the elderly? Like my man Smokey says, the older the berry, the sweeter the juice. --Adam

Adam H.,
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
If you squeeze hard enough even an old prune has some juice left in’r....
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 12:25 PM

Nice way to dodge the grandfather question there, Adam.
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 12:27 PM

12 years difference? she must be 40 years old then
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 1:14 PM

Yeah I’m in the club but I am 61.
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 1:53 PM

I lost my virginity the week before my 19th birthday to a woman that was 42. I’m 33 now, and I’ve recently been with a 19 year-old. Honestly, the 42 year-old was much better.
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 1:58 PM

Yup,, I’ve gotten a Gilf.
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 3:38 PM

I banged my ex's mom. Shes my kids grandmother. Not just once. A few times.
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 4:42 PM

The biggest gap was when I was 25 and I banged a 39 year old. Prime of her life. It was like driving driving a BMW. Sporty feel, smooth lines, snug fit, lots of power, but something I couldn't afford on my salary at that time. Now that I'm in my 30's, I love my BMW, but I also appreciate the feel of renting a newer model Jeep and getting mud on the tires.
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 5:35 PM

When I was 23 I had sex with a 43 year old woman and she was amazing. She taught me a thing or 2.
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 6:03 PM

So you carded her before you fucked her ? She probably looked 13 years old !!!.
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 6:41 PM

@ ouch: I was 25 and she was 40. Why must you constantly one up me? LOL
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 7:16 PM

When I was 36 I had sex with a 18 year old girl and she was amazing. I taught her a thing or two...
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 7:18 PM

Talking about sex got me thinking about Jay (no homo). Picture his fat ass belly-bumping an equally fat chick and tell me that shit aint funny!
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 7:26 PM

Feels good when the piss flaps slap the scrotum
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 7:30 PM

Sadly, I must decline your offer Adam. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 8:01 PM

^Sadly,I must say you never had no pussy since pussy had you
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 8:58 PM

Just kiddin,I boned a 48 yr old black lady when I was 20,most fun I ever had! holy shit she about sucked the bark off my log
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 9:00 PM

Oh yeah lol got me some 19 yr old pussy 2 yrs ago,I was 35,not nearly as fun as the older tang' but the visuals made up for it
posted on: 03-10-15 @ 9:08 PM