Vertical Dumbasses

on 03.28.2015

We got a lovely email today from schduhlfresser. It reads, "STOP VERTICAL VIDEOS! do your part to stop this pest and decapitate those who make them!" I admire his hatred for vertical videos, because I share it with him, even though 80% of the videos I posted today are in fact vertical. Although, in the case of the chick falling to her death, I'm OK with it. That's the one exception I make. Otherwise, I'm completely baffled at how people don't realize how fucking retarded they're acting when they hold a video recording device vertically. Movie screens are horizontal, televisions are horizontal, computer monitors are horizontal, your eyes are next to each other causing your field of vision to be horizontal, so why in the fucking fuck would you turn your phone vertically to shoot video? I cannot fucking understand it for the life of me. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Cause you can't fix retarded
posted on: 03-28-15 @ 12:50 PM

Amen, preach it brotha!
posted on: 03-28-15 @ 1:09 PM

Vegans, meat is not rape!... Feminists.. if you regret a good hard ass fucking the next day but you consented the night before it is not rape. I’d love to visit a vegan convention and shove bacon down their throats, and shove sausages down people’s throats at feminist conventions.. fawking gawd damn...
posted on: 03-28-15 @ 1:21 PM

I believe it comes from when you first turn your phone on it is read in the vertical position so some people think that’s how you hold the phone to shoot videos.
posted on: 03-28-15 @ 1:51 PM

I only film vertical when I'm faping it makes my cock look bigger.
posted on: 03-28-15 @ 1:52 PM

Just shows you how great of a country we live in and how good we actually have it. People in some countries worry about being killed or if they are going to eat. We worry about things like our video quality. "It's good to be the king"
posted on: 03-28-15 @ 2:44 PM

Most people assume that the camera is recording in a horizontal position where they record a video for the time after that and see all other video recorded in vertical, they do not give a MF" Shit. This is what life has become, it Suck doesn’t it.... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 03-28-15 @ 7:41 PM

People haven't caught up with technology. My old phone, I had to hold it vertical or the video would be sideways when I downloaded it. After I got a better phone it took me a while to figure out it fixed the.problem automatically. People are just too lazy to try it out, or they just don't give a shit.
posted on: 03-28-15 @ 8:26 PM