Head Transplant

on 04.10.2015

Did you hear about the Russian guy who volunteered to have his head transplanted onto another body? I'm not bullshitting you. He's got some fucked up disease that cripples him, so he apparently said, "Fuck it", and is getting a new body. I'm curious to see how that goes. That is some real fucking crazy shit. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Now that's a claim only a drunk Russian could make.
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 2:51 PM

He's giving head !!
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 2:55 PM

Yo Adam you should have put up the pic I sent in of the Russian guy getting a head transplant from his two friends might have been the same story it's from a few weeks ago when I sent in the tummy twins, I've sent in a bunch of pics lately, you used 2 today. Good job
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 3:19 PM

They should transplant it on a midget woman that way he can give two heads.
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 3:21 PM

I hope they have enough units of Popov on standby.
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 4:09 PM

He might end up as "The Brain That Wouldn't Die".
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 4:51 PM

That's impossible @ this point. Someday it may be possible but it will probably be a brain transplant into another head/body not a head transplant onto another body. T
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 4:53 PM

Even if the transplant fails, we would to see the video and pictures of the transplant it self and the results please.... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 6:05 PM

They already did this shit with dogs. Swear to god, the dog's head was severed and the brain was fed with tubes and the dog would put his tongue out trying to play with scientists without realizing the body is not there. Fuck!!!!
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 6:13 PM

I agree Adam, that is crazy shit!. Unfortunately it probably won’t be posted and in its stead another mundane picture of a guy driving nails through his balls or a vid of yet another yawnable ISIS beheading will be posted. That’s becoming a problem. Jay said the same guys post the same things over and over again yet on the administrative end the same thing is happening. Mix it up once in a while; its starting to get boring. On that note I hope and await a head transplant picture or video.
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 6:52 PM

is his doctor’s name dr. steve hfufruhurr, by any chance? funniest movie ever, my friends.
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 7:00 PM

Sergio Canavero I've seen dead people since I was 13 escaping the war in ex Yugoslavia in 93. This shit is more chilling. They learned how to reattach the fibers in the spine. Shit, if it becomes successful I'm getting a black body with a 10 inch dick and a vertical of 50". Nba, here I come...
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 7:35 PM

Russian can live for days w/o a head. Just keep pouring Vodka down the neck hole.
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 8:10 PM

FML... FTW.. I need a beer!
posted on: 04-10-15 @ 9:04 PM

posted on: 04-10-15 @ 10:32 PM

Good Luck?!!! with that you Frankenstein Mother Fucker
posted on: 04-11-15 @ 11:04 PM