Star Wars

on 04.18.2015

The user boobs from today got me thinking about Star Wars for a few seconds. I haven't been paying any attention, but I guess a new movie is coming out this year. Personally, I have no desire to see it. I loved the original trilogy and watched them so many times growing up. I remember being all stoked to get Han Solo and Luke Skywalker action figures in my cereal box. I was even stoked when episode one came out. But then Jar Jar Binks showed up on the screen, and all I could think about was kicking George Lucas right in the hairy bean bag. I was pretty much done with Star Wars after that. And now that Disney is calling the shots, I really don't give a fuck about seeing it. But that doesn't mean I can't turn on Return of the Jedi, and rub one out to Princess Leia in her Jabba slave outfit. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
C’mon Adam I really thought you had higher standards then that. I mean isn’t that kinda like pulling out your great grandma’s nudie pics to rub one out? Carrie Fisher has not aged well, I bet Linda Carter does it for you as well.. What about Farrah Fawcett or Jaclyn Smith??? Please for the Love of God or at least your dear fan club act your age and allow us to live vicariously...Your unworthy subjects await fresh sloppy second meat...
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 2:27 PM

Never was a big fan, not of star wars, not of lord of the rings, not of sports other than boxing, harry potter or any weird shit.. wonder if I’m a psycopath or something.
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 2:39 PM

@only1hans ^ I’d fuck Farah Fawcett right in the dust.
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 2:40 PM

@whobe... Me too !!! just please don’t tell Adam he would just crush my point of view and tell everyone about my necrophilia addiction then everyone will start calling me Paranoid
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 2:48 PM

I can't stand J.J. Abrams movies. I'm sure he'll fuck this one up with lens flares, CGI, and writing/directed at an audience of 15 year old nerds, just like Transformers and Star Trek. Old school original trilogy is the way to go.
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 3:45 PM

@Adam. I give u an F- on the posting today! Were u too busy eating sushi last night???
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 3:46 PM

May The Swartz Be With You
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 3:58 PM

I do not know what the new movie is going to be like now that Disney own the rights to Star Wars. So I do not know if I will watch it where it comes out on DVD... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 4:51 PM

Unfortunately Carrie Fisher fits in the Jabba The Hut suit now.
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 5:37 PM

I think they are calling the new Star Wars flick FLogging a dead tauntaun
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 7:26 PM

I don't what to say. I'm f up on x bars n heinekens. Pow pow pow
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 9:44 PM

Hey,, How bout updating the "Latest Videos" on the porn links once and a while!!??
posted on: 04-18-15 @ 11:42 PM

@nybadguy... Best feeling in world, xanis and cold beer!!! Ride the high, then sleep like a baby...
posted on: 04-19-15 @ 12:15 AM

I've always much preferred the porn spin-off 'star whores."
posted on: 04-19-15 @ 12:20 AM

The more shit you write, the less I think of you.
posted on: 04-19-15 @ 10:50 PM