Uber Driver?

on 04.21.2015

For those of you that live in a populated area, have you ever thought about becoming an uber driver? Maybe just to do it for a few extra side bucks? I use uber semi-regularly, usually when drinking or on vacation. And every driver I talk to, they all love working for Uber. They love the fact that they can work whenever they want, and for as long as they want. Then when they made enough, call it a day. I love the freedom that kind of work provides for people. Heck, I even thought it would be fun just to do it, just to talk to new people. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Sounds like great fun job, might even meet some freaky hoochie mamas, but in reality I’d rather become a cocaine dealer and make some serious money.
posted on: 04-21-15 @ 2:53 PM

Or you could get shot in the back of the head by one of those interesting people
posted on: 04-21-15 @ 3:33 PM

I live in NY so fuck that thought. Way to many losers here that like to take shit instead of working for it.
posted on: 04-21-15 @ 3:43 PM

well, this is the best website, hope you site officials dont mess it up. i like this site.
posted on: 04-21-15 @ 5:28 PM

@NY Same where I live. They can take the Loser Cruiser.
posted on: 04-21-15 @ 6:17 PM

@bobbadooey in Pennsylvania it's SEPTA .
posted on: 04-21-15 @ 6:39 PM

I've volunteered to b the designated drunk driver. Its more lucrative and the peeps enjoy the ride much better...
posted on: 04-21-15 @ 7:27 PM

Portland, OR is so hip,they made Uber illegal.
posted on: 04-21-15 @ 8:20 PM

Portland sucks ass. I work there but don’t live there!
posted on: 04-21-15 @ 8:57 PM

Not really, I live out in the country, 15 miles outside of Live Oak Florida, and Live Oak is a small town. The only city big enough for Uber, and close enough to Live Oak, is Gainesville... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 04-21-15 @ 10:15 PM

I've taken uber so many tines. Its DA shit. 5 minutes and their at your door. I'm always so drunk taking them. The people have a blas . Doing it. Actually the first time I heard of it was Halloween when my friend signed up for it. He actually go kicked off the next day. I wasn't supposed to be with him so we packed 4 girls Ina with us and they uber said the girls reported us for hitting in them and smelling like weed. The second guys we picks up that night said we tried to sell them drugs. We did.. They kicked him off in the morning. Uber is DA shit though
posted on: 04-22-15 @ 10:07 AM