Life In Prison Or Death

on 04.23.2015

What is worse for the prisoner? Life in jail, with no chance for parole, or the death sentence? I think the life in prison has to be the worst of the two. Sure the death sentence, you are going to die, but at least you are going to die soon. Not 80 years later. 80 years of sitting there, day after day, doing nothing. Maybe you get a few books, etc. But that's about it, if you are locked up in solitary confinement, you aren't doing shit for 23 hours a day. Maybe you can hang yourself a few years in. That's about the only bright future you would have. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I wish we had the death sentence here in the U.K. or at least a real ` life sentence ` here, you`ll be out in around 15 years or so to kill again!
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 3:10 PM

If you kill them, you don't have to worry about escape.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 3:11 PM

Agree 100% with your post Jay. Avoid the prison lifestyle like that. I guess maybe if you’re a homo you could expect some prison romance and look forward to that but for me I say pump me full of those drugs till I pass out before I get pumped with something else bitches!
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 3:19 PM

I say kill em right away. Why should us tax payers get stuck supporting them while they live out there sentence in jail.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 3:20 PM

I say give all of them to ISIS with a tattoo on their forehead that reads "Fuck Your Koran".
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 3:35 PM

I assume your talking about the marathon bomber. If we sentence him to death, then he stays on death row for thirty years while he appeals and drags the families through it every time. I say put him in general population and let them sort it out the right way. But that won’t happen.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 3:53 PM

I am with you too Jay. Death would be better. I think they should give them a choice. I mean the people who have no hope of ever getting out. The ones who choose death will save the taxpayer a ton of money over the years.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 5:04 PM

But if your a gay tough guy who is in and out of the joint anyhow a life sentence is really nothing. Same life, just a smaller area in which to exsist. For them death should be mandatory if they rape kids or cold blooded kill for no reason.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 5:06 PM

I have bills I can't pay I'm late on rent plus I owe like 40,000 in Child Support but yet I got to pay for these motherfuckers to spend the next 80 years three meals a day and I want to sleep in because the governor refuses to say let's just take them out now and save the taxpayers millions millions in dollars but like they say every human has rights even pieces of s**** who take other lives still have a say so in what happens with their life f*** him let him rot
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 6:01 PM

Maybe it is time for prisons to make some money instead of costing the tax payers! Put all these cunts on treadmills to generate the electricity for the community or grow food and farm land etc or DIE!
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 6:04 PM

^ Or let them start their own country. Ha, Ha.^ Dig for the day.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 6:58 PM

I say solitary confinement 24/7/365 in a small cell that would make puppy mills look humane.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 7:12 PM

I say it depends on the persons and the crimes committed...Manson should have been executed, Jodie Arias needs Life Imprisonment, OJ Simpson needs life just because he thinks he is some sort of punk Gladiator. So many examples but I think you get the drift of what I’m talking about....I almost forgot about Applewhite that fucker deserved a Life Sentence...Food for thought-its cheaper to house and feed Life Sentence Prisoners then to process all of the Appeals of said Capitol Punishment. That being said, just stop and think about who benefits the most from Capitol Punishment Appeals...If I had any say i would vote for Life in Prison just because I think about how many more jobs the cycle of life employs ....
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 7:24 PM

@ouch jajaja like hamsters lol that... sure land work, its more easy to do economy tricks on 3rd world countrys or steal it..
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 7:26 PM

In some states, Death Row Inmates have to wait a certain length of time before they are put to death. It is like serving a life sentience then death. However if an inmate is serving a life sinience or on death row they are going to die anyways, and we have to pay for it anyway... Shaking his head at this, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 7:31 PM

i did a night in county on some featherweight case i caught.Lol NEVER AGAIN! i did my night in jail, and said after, "ok, i get it, jail’s for loser’s" better off dead than dead in jail.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 7:32 PM

Our minds are programmed to try to exist and survive and to adapt to make the best of our lives. There are people living in third world countries that would feel like they won a lotto if they were given the accommodations of a prisoner with a life sentence. No pussy yeah that would be rough, but how much pussy do we think we'll really be getting in old age anyway? So we would just be cut off a little earlier. So to answer your question, no suicide for me, I would try to just make the best of it and hope by some miracle that I would be free again.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 7:36 PM

death penalty costs too much in appeals
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 8:01 PM

What the hell have you done now Jay? You wouldn’t be getting the death penalty for having this site, so it’s got to be something more severe. You’ve been murdering people so you can have a good cheap supply of snuff for Crazyshit. That’ll teach you! Please let me know when you are in prison and I’ll bake a cake with a dildo inside. Now on a serious side, the death penalty doesn’t work. Three major problems with the death penalty; Innocent people are sometimes setup by corrupt police and put to death before they can prove their innocence, I saw this on a movie. Sometimes insane suicidal but gutless people go out and do murders just so they can be executed by someone else, this is my own wish. And then there’s the fact that it doesn’t deter crime at all, people generally murder during a fit of rage, they hardly stop to think about the consequences. Best to make the world a place where none of us want or need to kill each other, this can be done by legalising all drugs, eliminating age consents and better educating children in elementary schools. There’s no reason 12year olds can’t have the intelligence of a 30year old during schooling, it’s all just silly conditioning we follow. Children don’t want to play with toys, adults teach them to play with toys, children want to be adults from the minute they are born. This life could be heaven on Earth if everyone just appreciated the magic around us all.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 8:33 PM

As soon as someone is sentenced to death they should get a couple days to say goodbye to people and then be killed. No more of this 25 years on death row bullshit.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 8:34 PM

There are plenty of islands in S. Pacific... I've always thought why don't they just drop them all off there and let em all fend for themselves... Just an idea.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 8:39 PM

Hove them the chair...the CHAIR
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 9:36 PM

@emu... Gonna have to politely disagree with some of ur philosophy. A 12-13 yr old child does NOT have the mental ability NOR the life experience of a 30 yr old. Society has for sure dampened the maturity process of kids compared to 500 hundred years ago. The death penalty doesn't work, agree there. U get sentenced to death and are alive 30 years later AND there have been innocent peeps put to death. I consider the death penalty, controlled murder... Just give the family the killer and let natural selection happen...
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 10:20 PM

I worked in a prison as a correctional officer. Let me tell you death row is no joke 23 hr a day lock down shower 3 times a week constantly having to be escorted to and from the doctors to make sure your healthy because they cant kill you if your sick. The worst part of it is you never know when you will be excuted until the last couple of days. Life in prison at least you get to socialize and have access to programs and activities. Personally if it were me being locked up for either i woukd save the tax payers a shit ton of money and choose when i die. I prefer my freedoms.
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 10:31 PM

both u fuckers should post shit every day instead of taking turns like you do on cockinrons ass
posted on: 04-23-15 @ 11:35 PM

what is best about the US you ask? "The endless appeals"..life in prison is cheaper than a death sentance..
posted on: 04-24-15 @ 3:16 AM

I say put the lifer’s on a strict high colesterol diet.
posted on: 04-24-15 @ 4:12 AM

In Texas we put them down like rabid dogs they are. It matters very little man,woman, beast. Firing squad would be nice for terrorist. Fake the lethal injection so he wakes up in a coffin or a furnace.
posted on: 04-24-15 @ 7:13 AM

@dizeer ...God Bless Texas and their Justice system...as the saying goes..you kill someone we will kill you back and with good reason you will go to the front of the line to be killed...an eye for an eye...as it should be
posted on: 04-24-15 @ 2:10 PM