Rough Weather

on 05.07.2015

Any of you Crazyshitters live in Oklahoma? It looks like God is smiting the state with tornadoes and floods and shit. The weather is pretty bad here in San Diego today too. It's cloudy and a little windy. I wouldn't mind a little rain, but the problem with that is that nobody here can drive in the rain. Maybe I'll just stay inside and sleep. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Cross over the border into TJ for some spicy tacos, and maybe even video tape some beheadings for us.
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 3:36 PM

63 degrees and 50% humidity. Waaaaaah. I guess you'll have to get an inside table at Casa de Reyes.
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 3:43 PM

"god is smiting..." i rated this a ten only because you opted to use king james english. my compliments.
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 3:51 PM

It's 70 and beautiful out here in NY.
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 3:54 PM

Rained like a cow pissing on a flat rock here in West Texas.
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 4:02 PM

Sunny n n 88 degrees here in Southern Alabama!
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 4:29 PM

Must be a slow news day if the only thing crazyshit can blog about is the weather. Here’s an update for ya: It’s been raining titties all day today but Adam still got hit in the mouth with a dick.
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 4:36 PM

Here’s an idea plan out a WICS then go ah fuck it Jay will do it..back to bed
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 6:14 PM

Lived all over the world, but born in Oklahoma, and keep coming back to Oklahoma. If you have survived enough tornadoes, like I have, they just become overly windy days. If it tears shit up, we fix it.
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 7:18 PM

Now why the fuck would I wanna live in a tornado magnet like that?
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 7:36 PM

@Crazy You have some super hot women out there. I'vealways found hot chicks passing through small rural towns, but they're in Tulsa as well. Carrie Underwood types.
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 9:08 PM

I am glad that the rain is gone for a while maybe my bees can get to collect nectar, make wax, make honey, and get stronger. My bees are slowly recovering from the carpenter ant attack. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 05-07-15 @ 9:17 PM