Gaydam Is Leaving

on 05.22.2015

It is official, Adam is starting the process to step down from crazyshit.com. He's had a good run, but he is going to move on to greener pastures. Slowly over the next few weeks we will be bringing someone else on to replace Adam, while he helps us out and get updates done. I really enjoyed working with Adam daily for the past 5 or 6 years. Thanks you cracker ass cracker! --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Good luck in your future endeavors.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 1:03 PM

Good luck in your tranny porn future!
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 1:14 PM

Off to join Rockinrons cult now..... Don’t drink the Jesus juice
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 1:16 PM

HEYYYYYY!!!! I named him Gaydam. hate to see him leave. I bet he will give you one last blowjob Jay, before he leaves.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 1:18 PM

Can I replace him here at Crazyshit? Not for the bj, for the actual job. I don’t know much about computers, I am shy and I have diabetes. You know, pretty much same package as adam brought to the table.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 1:19 PM

Can I replace him here at Crazyshit? Not for the bj, for the actual job. I don’t know much about computers, I am shy and I have diabetes. You know, pretty much same package as adam brought to the table. OH, I ALSO REPOST. JAJAJAJAJAJA
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 1:23 PM

REALLY ! i like him even thought i have disliked him !
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 1:28 PM

" He`s leaving, leaving, on that midnight train to Georgia "
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 1:28 PM

Thanks for all the gore dude! Come back and say hi sometime.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 1:51 PM

I’ll miss Adam. He was definitely my favorite CS cast member, but Jay is cool too
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 2:23 PM

Good luck in the future devil. Semper Fi. -LCpl Perez
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 2:30 PM

"Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!"
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 2:36 PM

I’ll miss you like A.I.D.S........who’s taking over from you ????? cockinron????
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 2:58 PM

good luck with whatever you are going to do Adam, you’ll be a hard act to follow.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 3:11 PM

Jay PLEASE don’t get captain repost (Henry) back
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 3:26 PM

Good luck Adam,,, Never hurts to move on to gayer oops I mean greener pastures. No seriously,, Good luck in whatever path of life you may choose to follow.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 3:46 PM

Best of luck and thanks for the bizarre stuff you've posted, Adam. I hope those greeer pastures aren't lined up with tranny hookers.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 3:51 PM

Lets all chip in and buy the bastard a scooter to send him off on. On a serious note. Adam your a cool dude bro. Best of luck to you in the future. Thanks for all your posts comments etc..
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 3:58 PM

You're a good man, Adam. A good man knows his limitations.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 4:14 PM

I believe I pissed him off worse than anyone on this site and in his life but hey you never accomplish anything sitting on your hands. Adam I will personally miss you and wish you the best in your endeavors. You really got on your game the last year and it will be a challenge to replace you. You will probably never work for anyone again and say to your fellow employees to suck dick and get away with it. Don’t forget to VIP and join in the fun and make us laugh. Good Luck! Are you taking over Letterman’s position? HA!
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 5:00 PM

There must be better money in being a gay sex slave.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 5:05 PM

Adam I wish you good luck in your next venture. However, please come back and visit us when you have some spare time. Sincerely and sadly, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 5:06 PM

With all of the shit we, not I, put Adam through, I was wondering if you, members of CrazyShit, Crazy Fuckers will miss him??? I will miss him.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 5:11 PM

That’s to bad, I’ve personally enjoyed quite a few of his daily blogs. There’s a few that may have sucked but I can’t say I could have done any better. Good luck Adam, I hope you’ll be posting some comments from time to time in the peanut gallery.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 5:13 PM

I too, will miss Adam. But, I can’t help but be happy for him. It’s very difficult for a young-dumb-full-o-cum closet case like Adam to find a good man who is willing to let you quit your job and just have him support you. Hope you never get anal tears and remember Adam... oral gets you jewelry but deep throat gets you no prenup! Miss ya man.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 5:30 PM

Oh ,come on, it takes seven years to die of aids Adam.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 5:57 PM

Later Fucker. Hope the next guys knows that W.I.C.S Stands for WEEK in Crazy Shit and not when ever the fuck I feel like doing a WICS
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 6:02 PM

Adam, bro... Truly loved all ur blogs and how u flowed with CS!!! Unlike RON, u will be missed more than u will ever know!!! Keep in touch with the PG and wished success with ur future endeavors! This is a sad time for CS...
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 6:27 PM

Good luck Adam. CS wont be the same without you. Thanks for the memories.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 7:55 PM

Fappy trails Adam, it'll be tough finding someone who can fill your strapless stiletto-heel pumps.
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 8:34 PM

take care bro
posted on: 05-22-15 @ 10:56 PM

Sucks to see ya go..just think you will have more time to have those mexican borritos going in through the out door lol good luck bro
posted on: 05-23-15 @ 11:32 AM

Good luck, buddy
posted on: 05-23-15 @ 12:27 PM

Ba bye
posted on: 05-23-15 @ 3:27 PM

cya round Adam
posted on: 05-24-15 @ 10:11 AM

Bring back Greg’s almost black ass.....
posted on: 05-25-15 @ 9:56 AM

well adam its been a good run and i am happy to see you go, not because i wanna see you leave crazyshit but because it means you have found greener pasture’s. if you ever get to michigan look me up, everyone knows me here and you have my real name from my membership info. good luck my friend and i wish you the best in your future. Rockinron
posted on: 05-25-15 @ 10:04 AM

Thank god, that means no more dick pictures.
posted on: 05-27-15 @ 1:58 AM

oh shit, nvm, it’s jay the fag one. Jesus leave us Adam, take Jay.
posted on: 05-27-15 @ 1:59 AM