Death To The Patriot Act

on 06.01.2015

So for the last 14 years the patriot act has pretty much voided our 4th amendment and somewhat affects our 1st. They've watched over us like we're criminals/terrorist like hawks, and until now have still not caught any bad guys(or so we know of). Congress is saying they are going to let the act expire meaning it should end. Now even though it's going to lapse it's said they're just going to slap it back onto us. What are you guys thoughts on the patriot act, and are you for them reinstating it? --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Rand Paul for 2016!!!!!
posted on: 06-01-15 @ 1:52 PM

Aweeeeee shit, what period is this??? I’m in the wrong class, I came for ass, gore and titties.
posted on: 06-01-15 @ 1:56 PM

@iluvkitty I saw someone blow through a red light yesterday and almost t bone a car. Damn I know what you are talking about.
posted on: 06-01-15 @ 1:57 PM

Regardless of what "they" call it, they will continue to monitor communications around the world. They called it the Patriot Act to give us something to bitch about, but don’t ever think such monitoring will ever stop.
posted on: 06-01-15 @ 1:59 PM

Glad somebody said it @BigJeff, It’s a pain in the ass literally. You can’t travel by plane easily anymore, they should have good security but it should be better balanced.
posted on: 06-01-15 @ 2:01 PM

I know the Patriot Act is more about tapping phones, spying on emails and shit but, I mean they should do something about the airport crap too.
posted on: 06-01-15 @ 2:41 PM

Sun setting a law? We"re talking out the corporate U.S. Gov.The last law they ended was Prohibition. It causes them physical pain to relinquish power. Social Security has a sun set clause. That will die first.
posted on: 06-01-15 @ 5:54 PM

Unfortunately it did some what served a purpose, the first and fourth amendments needs to be protected. The time has come for the Patriot Act to end. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 06-01-15 @ 7:05 PM

Thanks for Doing today’s blog Jeff. I’m glad you picked a topic of importance today that we can all discuss with one another. Here I was thinking Adam was going to do today’s blog and be like, "Well, i just finger fucked 489 chicks today and ate a mean jalapeno, asshole, foreskin, and balloon knot burrito for lunch; and later I plan on rubbing hot wax on my nipples while smearing red lipstick all over my face in preparation for getting brutal with my anus later; Because I’m the fucking man". But anyway, I’m glad the patriot act lapsed. Rand Paul is the man, and I love how his roots are all tied to the constitution and the BOR’s. If there’s anyone who can instill change its that man.
posted on: 06-01-15 @ 10:01 PM

looking through old shit...found this and giggled and wanted to share crazyshit.com/cnt/medias/16313-the-week-in-crazy---no-bears-we-promise
posted on: 06-01-15 @ 11:06 PM

@big_jeffrey72 Hahahahahaha Fall Stanley ... Dam I used to be funny......Used to :(
posted on: 06-01-15 @ 11:37 PM

It’s gotten so bad even Big Jeff misses the WICS damned you Adam! lol
posted on: 06-02-15 @ 1:12 AM

speaking of the patriot act and politics what the fuck ever happened to submiter CS boobs and all the fun shit
posted on: 06-02-15 @ 4:56 AM

They tell us they’re protecting our freedoms....by taking them all away, one by one. Who has really won?
posted on: 06-02-15 @ 7:07 PM

Stick to your gross, lame ass porn and let the big boys worry about politics.
posted on: 06-02-15 @ 7:28 PM