Great Career Choice

on 06.03.2015

I just watched a documentary about chicks that get into porn, thinking they'll make some lovely career out of it, and it was fairly interesting. I just like to jack off to the sluts, and never really considered them as actual people with families and stuff. Pretty much what happens is they respond to a craigslist ad, go sell their pussy for about $800, and then after getting passed around a few times between the major sites, nobody gives a shit about them anymore and they can't get hired. Then they have to face reality and the fact that they are just another pussy that got used, abused and forgotten. I might almost feel bad for them if they weren't just lazy ass chicks that want money without doing any real work. I think I'll spend a few minutes to watch one of them right now. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Wish I could get paid $800 to fuck a few porn girls and get tossed to the curb.
posted on: 06-03-15 @ 3:13 PM

Hey Adam should we start calling you Caitlin to you little faggot
posted on: 06-03-15 @ 3:23 PM

I saw it on NetFlix too. Couple cut ones there. I felt bad for the Texan's dad.
posted on: 06-03-15 @ 3:33 PM

posted on: 06-03-15 @ 3:51 PM

Whatevs...they are totally gonna just START in porn just to get their name out there, and then get into acting/modeling!! Duh. /s
posted on: 06-03-15 @ 4:01 PM

My dick doesn’t give a fuck.
posted on: 06-03-15 @ 4:50 PM

$800 to be banged on camera. Ouch does that shit for free.
posted on: 06-03-15 @ 5:32 PM

Ouch. I love ya bro. No homo. Just breaking ya balls man.
posted on: 06-03-15 @ 5:35 PM

Well at least it wasn’t a food blog again. Although you might consider pussy a food group.
posted on: 06-03-15 @ 5:45 PM

Adam, I liked the chick who got fat then claimed it was her boyfriend and mom you got her to quit porn. Ha.ha.
posted on: 06-03-15 @ 5:58 PM

Everyone has to make a living. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 06-03-15 @ 6:19 PM

adam, you’re truly a sensitive soul. you should have been born a poet, either that, or the guy who works in men’s urinals selling gum and cologne.
posted on: 06-03-15 @ 11:03 PM

- Brought to you by Atom Baum Productions
posted on: 06-04-15 @ 4:02 AM