Summer Shandy

on 06.07.2015

Yesterday I picked up a six pack of Narragansett Summer Shandy. Hot dam was that good! Nice and refreshing. Not to strong just right, they really are the perfect drink for a Saturday afternoon. The only problem is I didn't stop after those 6, and went into some other beers plus a few shots. Now I don't feel so hot, and I got mud butt. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
There was boxing all day long yesterday. Robert Guerrero card at 2pm ended around 5pm, then the Cotto fight at night, then the spanish channel fights. Needless to say after a 6 pack of cheap 16oz Bush Ice Beers and a 40oz Cobra I was plastered.
posted on: 06-07-15 @ 1:23 PM

so that’s why you didn’t post the WICS you promissed
posted on: 06-07-15 @ 1:25 PM

Pop a speed pill and you’ll be right as rain.
posted on: 06-07-15 @ 1:35 PM

Real men drink double IPAs and barleywine Sandys fucking beer pussy
posted on: 06-07-15 @ 1:59 PM

OJ and milk see what happens.
posted on: 06-07-15 @ 4:16 PM

shandy? vag
posted on: 06-07-15 @ 5:41 PM

I drank some sam adams and a half bottle of fireball smoked a half j and i was f up. I'm taking a few days off from the drink. To old and cant handle hangovers like i use to
posted on: 06-07-15 @ 6:07 PM

Keep it up and you will have Mud for a Liver.
posted on: 06-07-15 @ 6:17 PM

As a bartender, I have 6 words to say on this subject: Shandy? Jay you're a fuckin pussy.
posted on: 06-07-15 @ 9:47 PM

Just stick to posting trannies jerking each other off and salvage what's left of your manhood.
posted on: 06-07-15 @ 9:51 PM

Jays the man who brings us laugh Jays the man who is under staffed Jays the one that makes us fap Jays the one who knows we nap I wish Jay wud acknowledge me I submit my thoughts as a VIP I say mean things but also nice Plz Jay, make it worth the price Boo hoo, Boo hoo, I'm gettin gas I jus farted and it smells of ass My man love poem has come to end Plz bro Jay won't u b my friend..
posted on: 06-07-15 @ 10:57 PM

This is when your bidet comes in handy.
posted on: 06-08-15 @ 12:15 AM

"narragansett summer shandy"? in mexican spanish we have a name for that, and it’s called, ’que jodida,’ which roughly translates into, ’damn, what a fucked up situation.’lol that beer sounds like the same beer my mom’s bf is always trying to push on me. it’s called orchid something and it taste of apples.Lol que jodida! beer should be cold and bitter like a 36 year old prostitutes attitude is. those fucking bearded hipsters are effeminizing everything. que jodida everywhere!
posted on: 06-08-15 @ 5:48 AM

i get mud butt everyday i’m off
posted on: 06-08-15 @ 11:04 AM

@handsomedevil I miss your old avatar :(
posted on: 06-08-15 @ 1:05 PM