Finally Getting To BBQ

on 06.11.2015

I am pretty excited about this weekend. I am going to smoke 2 or 3 pork shoulders to make some of the best pulled pork New England has ever tasted. I have no idea why, but I love smoking. A good 18 hours, making a pretty tough piece of meat into pork cotton candy is a awesome thing. Maybe it's the beer drinking, or the playing with fire. I'm not sure, but when you combine it all together with some good pork, it is fucking fun. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
pork me, Jay
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 1:34 PM

If ya want yer pork pulled, talk to Adam before he goes away.
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 1:43 PM

Jay, if you like smoking and playing with fire..... light up a cigarette and touch Adam’s asshole, that should have enough fire.
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 1:57 PM

Pork ahhhhhh yum... I love it just a little bit more because Muslims hate it
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 2:19 PM

Jay D.
@zmolez yess!
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 2:58 PM

@zmolez +1 ;)
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 3:21 PM

I’m jelly.
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 6:16 PM

I usually just drink the beer and smoke joints while someone pulls my pork for me.
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 6:56 PM

@Jay D. You should do Jay D’s cooking vids and post it on the site. I’ll do some if you do.
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 7:29 PM

I tried to bbq once but the beans kept falling through the grill.
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 8:17 PM

Jay my mom pressure cook a roast mix in some good Honey BBQ sauce to make some good pulled pork... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 9:30 PM

Jay?? How would you know what WE "New Englanders" would consider GOOD BBQ since you’ve only lived here for a couple of years??? That’s almost like saying "I know what your dogs asshole smells like" before I got a real good whiff! You got may #,, Give me a Halla,and Ill give it a taste. Then I’ll try your BBQ after. I’m only a couple hours down the road.,,,,,,,, Waiting IMPATIENTLY,,, GOODSTER!!
posted on: 06-11-15 @ 11:19 PM

posted on: 06-12-15 @ 12:58 AM

Did goodster ask Jay for a date??????
posted on: 06-12-15 @ 9:08 AM

Jay D.
@iluvkitty I think he just asked my dog for a date...
posted on: 06-12-15 @ 2:20 PM

i think he wants to taste your pork JDSKI !!WTH? did i just post something? dang it i gotta knock this crap off.
posted on: 06-12-15 @ 4:02 PM