First Saturday

on 06.13.2015

So doing this on Saturday is kinda odd. Since I work Mon-Fri, and Sunday is dedicated to Mondays CS post. Saturday is usually the only day off I have in a week, but I'm giving that up for you guys. What do you shits have planned for the day? I'm going to knock out tomorrows updates then it's off to "de-stress" from the weekday job, anyone care to join? --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Giving up your Saturday? like you are performing a god damn brain surgery. Get off your ass and do your fucking job, it shouldn’t take more than a couple hours to upload a couple reposts, 4 pictures, and three videos.
posted on: 06-13-15 @ 1:14 PM

I’d treat you to a 40oz cobra if I could Jeff, I’ll be watching intersteller in a few hours, while I drink a 40oz Cobra, Come night time I’ll buy a 6 pack of miller high life and watch boxing on the spanish channel.
posted on: 06-13-15 @ 1:16 PM

@longhungwong I’m probably going to work on this handle of jack and seek herbal help. Interstellar was a alright flick...not my favorite but pretty cool. @jayisafag I did this for you and this is how you repay me? That’s the last straw you can’t come to my sleep over no matter how much you beg.
posted on: 06-13-15 @ 1:22 PM

Either watching TV, Mountain Men or working on my new hive body and honey super. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 06-13-15 @ 1:36 PM

I'm at work as usual. When i get home later. I'm going down to the beach where they have live bands and a bar. Going to meet a few friends down there and pound some long island ice teas. Top shelf only haha
posted on: 06-13-15 @ 3:05 PM

Day drinking with my devil dogs. Yut
posted on: 06-13-15 @ 4:37 PM

So it’s Sunday here so that means i’m off to work this afternoon even know i’m still a bit sick.
posted on: 06-13-15 @ 6:34 PM

I just got back from looking over all today’s posts and I have to say that you did a fucking awesome job there Big Jeff. Pow pOw poW!
posted on: 06-13-15 @ 7:13 PM

Big J... Your a fellow Arky and u the man! Keep up the good work and fuck the haters...
posted on: 06-13-15 @ 10:29 PM

What's the deal with the secret pics with no home page thumbnail?
posted on: 06-13-15 @ 11:03 PM