Dumb Enough?

on 06.30.2015

Here's my question for you. Is America stupid enough to vote another Bush into the Whitehouse? I think America is most definitely stupid enough. But I also think that it doesn't matter who America votes for, because the puppet masters are just going to put whoever they want in there regardless. And it's not like it matters if it's this puppet or that puppet. With the same hand up its ass, they do the same fucking thing. And that right there is probably the only conversation I'll have about the 2015 election. I'd rather spend my time thinking about things that matter. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I’d almost be willing to settle for any damn body, just so long as we get a damn American this time.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 1:18 PM

In the spirit of the upcoming 4th of July, I’d like to say we need to take America back. Laws used to be put in place to protect the citizens. Wether it was harmful products in our food or defective toys who could hurt children. Lobbying has ruined the government, and now laws are made only to protect big corporations who paid for voting campaigns. The laws are now made to protect companies from lawsuits and let them get away with almost anything. I don’t care if it’s republicans or democrats its all just a bunch of crap now, but yes people would be silly enough to vote another Bush in office.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 1:19 PM

It doesn’t matter who gets into office America is fucked. Our government has wasted so much of our tax dollars that we will never be able to dig ourselves out. The US has always been the one to help out other countries in disasters and rough times. Do you ever see Russia or China or for that matter North Korea help other countries in need? Its always been the United States to help out and open our doors only to have spit in our faces and talked badly about. When some disaster happens here does any other country offer assistance? Nooooo! Our government needs to start taking care of our people "FIRST" then if we have the money that isn’t borrowed we can lend a hand. So no matter who is in the White House nothing will get fixed until we take care of our country first. All this assistance is killing the US and needs to stop. If you are on government assistance and can work then dammit put them to work! Give them a fucking weed eater or a damn paint brush and have them take care of their housing and the roadways! If we lend your country assistance then you have to pay us back one way or another. "Ass Or Gas Nobody Rides Free". All this show boating when someone gets shot is not fixing our country. Dammit our people in office suck!
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 1:58 PM

Sorry for the long post but our leaders really do suck.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 2:27 PM

I’m hungry...
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 2:40 PM

Considering the election is in 2016, you’ll forgive me if I don’t put too much stock in your political analysis, Adam.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 2:43 PM

hilary got the best chance to win i really fucking hate to say it but yea she mit win an there there gos all the mans right out the fucking door
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 3:14 PM

Well, whoever gets in they will have an easy 4 years after 8 years of "Hope and Change" putting Amerika back on the correct path.... So to answer your question Adam, yes, voters are stupid enough to elect another Bush after two terms of Obunghole.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 5:00 PM

Whoever gets in office people will find fault with so it doesn’t really matter. Because we have 2 major political parties we will never be happy with who’s elected. It’s pretty goofy if you think about it. Our nation could accomplish even bigger things if the reps and dems quit cat fighting. Instead they will continue to waste their time and efforts just trying to make the other side look bad, while the rest of the world keeps moving forward.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 5:06 PM

When Obama leaves the White House, I wonder if his family will leave a bunch of trash and chicken bones on the carpet. I see that at abandoned homes here.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 5:44 PM

@bobbaooey LMFAO !!!!! +10 Lincoln bedroom probly smells like soulglo n hennesy
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 6:29 PM

Glad to see some of us are awake; and out of the Bull Shit Media Matrix.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 7:01 PM

Oh joy! Lets make history again! Lets put a dumb blonde in office with a really fucked up record in politics! Or, Oh joy! Lets make history again! We’ve never had three people from the same family in office before! Fuckin’ sheeple. We’re fucked no matter who gets that job.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 7:19 PM

The bush family have so much money man. I know damn well he will become president because of the money. They will just pay everyone off to get him in office. Sad but true.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 8:09 PM

I have not decided who I will Candidate whom that I will vote for. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 8:10 PM

Pretty much all of the candidates suck. If there is one thing I have learned about the United States, it would be to never underestimate our stupidity.
posted on: 06-30-15 @ 10:58 PM

Hell no and that is exactly why they will put JB up against Clinton. So she will have a gaurenteed victory. Makes me sick. It dint matter who wins, they’re just two sides of the same coin. Bilderburg has owned the elections since Reagan.
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 1:31 AM

I know that nobody can ink it in blood that they can fix America’s problems,that’s why i will vote for Donald Trump. I is of my opinion we need a business man in there and not a politician. Trump for president!
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 12:21 PM

They’ll just keep the ignorant, fat masses distracted with ’confederate flag hysteria’ and ’which black guy got fucked up by the police today’ and ’religious retards hate abortion’ while they keep surveillance on every shit and piss we take, keep us eating genetically modified corn foodpaste subsidized by the gov’t and keep us locked in shit paying jobs to pay for basic healthcare and fund corporate welfare. ______________Fuckit. I need a beer now.
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 2:30 PM