So Many Butts

on 07.01.2015

The thing that bothers me most about smokers, besides the disgusting odors they produce, is that for some reason they think it's perfectly acceptable to throw their cigarette butts anywhere they want. I bet that this shit accounts for more than half of the litter on the sidewalks. Next time you're walking down the street or sitting at a stop light, take a look and see how many butts you can spot. Too fucking many, that's how many. I'm not all hippie and shit, but it would be nice if people gave a fuck about keeping a clean living area. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Speaking of smoking and butts, I never thought they’d legalize gay marriage before marijuana. Legalize that shit you homo politicians!
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 3:10 PM

Adam, you better not leave without giving me a good bye BJ.
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 3:49 PM

Adam, after reading the title, I assumed u were at one of ur regular bath houses...
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 4:50 PM

In Portland you can smoke a pole, but not a cigaret. Not even a vapor at a bus stop.
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 6:12 PM

You must have alot of time on your hands to notice something like that bro. Do you count them to? Instead of bitching why dont you clean them up.
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 6:26 PM

Adam... I’d pick your butt up if you tossed it down in front of me... juss say’n.
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 6:47 PM

You’re going to feel pretty silly, years from now, laying in a hospital bead, dying from nothing
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 7:36 PM

You can always mind your own fucking business
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 7:37 PM

As a smoker (of the tobacco and thc)- I carry a portable ashtray (even has a cap to block odor) which holds about 3 butts till I find a trash can. Don’t lump all smokers together as ass-hats that litter. That’s like accusing every guy with a beer an alcoholic.
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 9:38 PM

The exact reason I have a "The Earth in Not a Ashtray" bumper sticker on my Jeep.
posted on: 07-01-15 @ 10:29 PM

^^^^^ you drive a Gas Guzzling Jeep??? thanks for ruining our solar system.
posted on: 07-02-15 @ 9:54 AM

@wardo56 +5
posted on: 07-02-15 @ 10:05 AM