4th Of July Wins

on 07.06.2015

I have to say I am impressed with America! This 4th of July has paid death off in spades. I heard of a guy getting killed instantly in Maine when he put a mortar on his head and light the fuse. Some people in Connecticut blew off fingers trying to hold fireworks. Kentucky 5 people died when they ran into a bridge. Some guy was stabbed in San Diego family house party. All in all, I would say a solid day's work for the Grim Reaper. Bravo! How about in your neck of the woods? --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
My wife’s pussy was slaughtered by me on the 4th. good times.
posted on: 07-06-15 @ 2:12 PM

@iluvkitty is still gay... The mortar on head guy, TOTALLY deserved it. His brother said he instantly knew he was dead.. i bet when your head pops like a melon.
posted on: 07-06-15 @ 3:54 PM

My American wife celebrates, I remember my dead.
posted on: 07-06-15 @ 6:08 PM

All I could find in the 'Suwannee Democrat, the Live Oak new paper, is a story about "Two Sanderson residents were injured in a sturgeon strike Friday evening on the Santa Fe River" which happen on the third. Sturgeon can grow over six feet long and they jump out of the water. I have seen this before on the Suwannee. If you happen to be underneath the sturgeon when it is jumping, it will landed on you and can do some damage to you. I am just saying.... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 07-06-15 @ 7:47 PM

Some times the gene pool needs cleaning once in a while.
posted on: 07-06-15 @ 7:53 PM

You forgot a bunch of homicides in Chicago. Thanatos was a busy god indeed.
posted on: 07-06-15 @ 9:13 PM

10 dead in chicago, 58 people shot over the weekend
posted on: 07-07-15 @ 1:19 PM

They should start selling black history month fireworks.
posted on: 07-07-15 @ 9:02 PM