The Count Of Monte Crisco

on 07.14.2015

Jay and I were brainstorming the plot for a BBW porn flick we're thinking about producing called the Count of Monte Crisco. Jay wants a scene where dude is on his boat and sees a bunch of fatties sun bathing and oiling up with Crisco. I want a scene where the fatties are frying up some food with Crisco. That's what we got so far. What do you fuckers got to add? If we use it, we'll give you a credit, a free copy of the DVD, and you can eat out anyone of the fat chicks while she eats a giant tub of mac and cheese. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Gotta have some beached whale scenes where they attempt to rescue it. Or a massive plumper floating in a pool of yesterdays fried chicken grease.
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 12:56 PM

Have a mexican woman making tamales with Crisco, a black woman frying chicken with crisco. then both fucked.
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 12:57 PM

WTF!?! I will kick out the "c" add back the "t" and read the book! Thx anyway.
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 1:02 PM

i’ll be the guy on the second boat sailing on to the next bay where the bird are fit and tasty get them on the boat and sail off into the sunset
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 1:22 PM

good lardy.. I can’t wait to see it.
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 1:32 PM

the opening credits should start with vintage footage of the Crisco factory , with that vintage sounding narrator
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 2:11 PM

Since you fucks want to make a BBW porn, have the fat bitches sunbathing on some industrial strength hammocks using crisco to butter themselves up and right below them have a big ass cauldron where the crisco can drop into and there's another fat bitch frying up chicken and shit with the crisco that drips off the sunbathing fat bitches
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 2:14 PM

throw yourself off a cliff, adam. ( i am just joking )
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 2:54 PM

i have more serious problems ! is flash player dying !
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 2:55 PM

Y’all motherfuckers need Jesus.
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 3:10 PM

After u eat what they prepared, get person with u to rape and torture so we have more cool shit to watch on CRAZYSHIT
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 3:37 PM

Lol. I've always wanted to create a website where you cast celebrity look alikes and recreate scenes from mainstream movies and TV shows where you "thought" there should have been a sex scene but there wasn't. We could have some fun with that ;-)
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 4:44 PM

How about a wobble board competition?
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 4:51 PM

At one point, they run out of grease and tske a trip to Wal-Mart, which is in the inner city. Their car is overloaded and breaks down. Then they get freaky with a couple ghetto brothers.
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 5:13 PM

They should be cooking one of the other beached whales in crisco when he finds then.
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 6:03 PM

Nevermind realtalks you beat me to it i guess great minds think alike.
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 6:04 PM

What in The MOTHER FUCKIN" BLUE MOTHER FUCKIN" A$$holic Bullshit MOTHER FUCKIN" FUCK where you and Jay THINKING Adam??? DISGUSTED At the thought of this movie, ..........................
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 6:47 PM

Why the hell aren’t you gone yet?!?!?
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 6:59 PM

There should definitely be a scene where the fattys are trying to masterbate but there massive cunts are to dry and they have to use Crisco to lube the huge object's they are trying to insert them selves with.
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 7:08 PM

" We’re going to need a bigger boat"
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 7:44 PM

What truckinman said
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 8:20 PM

@picklehiesner lol @truckingman with sauce on it
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 8:37 PM

Always thought cutting a hole in a crisco container and fucking it would be a good idea...
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 9:56 PM

And here I thought you two were making a gay fistfucking porno.
posted on: 07-14-15 @ 11:43 PM

You must throw in a Crisco Wrestling match....
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 12:20 AM

i’m a BBW fiend, my dude. get italia blu and angie love on that set, and on a bundle, i’ll star in that bitch my damn self. fuck crisco, i go hard in the paint, i’ll grease’em down with farmer john lard. LETS MAKE BACON!!!
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 6:14 AM

i havent been on in awhile,dont see rockin ron. Did he really die this time?
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 11:17 AM

Needs a kitchen scene- two fat chicks rubbing Crisco on selves, and have a midget with the name "flour" being tossed at them while shouting, "Fuck the wet spot!"
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 4:00 PM