I'm Outta Here

on 07.15.2015

Well fuckers, that's it for me. My days updating for Crazyshit are officially over. When Jay asked me if I wanted to come to his office once a week to edit porn, I never imagined I'd spend 5 years working with the fucker. Fuck, that's a long time. I'm pretty stoked to step away and clear my mind of all the fucked up shit I've seen day in and day out in that time, especially since I really enjoy what I'm doing now. Anyway, I gotta thank Jay for giving me an opportunity to get paid to beat off, and for showing me that working some shitty job you hate, for some asshole you don't care about is for fucking suckers. Even if it does pay well. You can't put a price on waking up and doing whatever you feel like doing that day. Adios, motherfuckers! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Adios Gaydam. Good luck!!!
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 12:54 PM

Good luck out there Adam, if all else fails get a lawnmower and change your name to Jose.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 12:55 PM

Glad I was able to damn near give you a stroke and give you the opportunity to ban me. Maybe one day we can meet up and have a beer or two. Good luck and don’t forget to join in once in a while.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 12:57 PM

Best of luck to you bro. Hope everything works out for you down the road. Your personality around here will be missed. Thanks for the entertainment.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 1:03 PM

good luck Adam, just what are you going to for work now. stop by and join in the PG fun from time to time
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 1:10 PM

It was nice knowing you adam - you did a prretty decent job while here - enjoy your new adventure
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 1:20 PM

create an account i cs, adam. baah this is sad
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 1:41 PM

Fuck bitches. Make money.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 1:53 PM

Sucks to see ya go,the call in thing from years ago was good shit man,priceless! Thanks for all the reposts also!lol good luck with whatever you got goin on you tranny posting fucker! PEACE
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 1:58 PM

Best of luck to you Adam in your new gay for pay job, stop by once in awhile and check in. Tell Ron we said what's up
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 2:13 PM

laters,,,,, you trans-gender loving lesbian x x x
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 2:15 PM

Donīt be a stranger and good luck with your future endeavors. Fag.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 2:56 PM

Run free to sniff and lick many assholes my fellow pervert.It’s always nice to meet other fucked up people out there.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 3:22 PM

Don’t let the door hit u in the ass
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 3:23 PM

You’ll be back after your ass is all fagged out and they dump you like a used tampon. But good luck anyway.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 3:47 PM

Live happy, live free. Later bitch!
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 4:24 PM

I see unemployment in your future. Later motherfucker!
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 4:34 PM

Good luck Adam! Thankyou for all that you have done here on CS. Always looked forward to your blogs and the wics intros. If you ever get down to Australia come and say hi. Dont be a stranger and drop in every now and then to give us hell.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 4:48 PM

Later puta
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 4:50 PM

see ya on next weeks crazyshit.....GL...
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 4:58 PM

It will be hard missing someone that hardly ever turned up anyway FUCK YOU! Nar just fucking with ya lol See ya later Adam I wish you well no matter what street corner we find you on selling your ass. ciao mother fucker.....Suck my balls.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 6:02 PM

posted on: 07-15-15 @ 6:08 PM

Good luck
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 6:20 PM

Bye adam, cabron
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 6:22 PM

Good luck.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 6:55 PM

You’ll be back. You’re going to get fired for beating off at your new job.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 7:27 PM

Well shit. There goes anther one.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 7:28 PM

@potrostation I dunno about that, Have you seen how many crack whores check themselves in to the sex change clinic these days?
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 7:47 PM

Bye Adam and thanks for everything. Hope you hang around as a fan
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 7:57 PM

Adam, I wish you good luck in your next endeavor, and I hope you had a nice day. Also, please come back and check in for time to time. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 8:27 PM

Awweee I'm in tears over here. Or not whatever!
posted on: 07-15-15 @ 11:43 PM

Adam, you did a good job considering your limitations. I suppose Jay has paid his dues with the "care in the community program". Hopefully Jay can now finally get a lil hotty in your place who likes to show us her Tits! Like the rest I’m just fucking with you. Good luck Mate won’t be the same without you.
posted on: 07-16-15 @ 3:49 AM

I wish jay would leave..he is ok for a fleeting fucking moment then cant help breaking into his bitching and fucking moaning and whining and fucking crying about something stupid as fuck..he is his own problem...feel sorry as fuck for his wife and kids living with that 24 fuckin 7
posted on: 07-16-15 @ 4:02 AM

I'll miss you putting better videos up here than this Jeff guy but yeah...thanks for banning me that one time for a week for quoting from full metal jacket...other than that....you're a cool white guy bro...good luck with whatever you do and well we all know your a fag so whatever. Come mierda
posted on: 07-16-15 @ 4:35 AM

Well Adam, at least your goodbye isn't a repost. See you around, bud.
posted on: 07-16-15 @ 8:01 AM

well i had to chime in, congratulations on your new endeaver adam, you will be missed by everyone at crazyshit your a heck of a guy. nobody could have pulled off the fake death stunt like we did last year, it was epic and will live forever on the C.S. web site along side the UMM UMM monster and ball shorts video. i hope to see you now and then posting as i still come and peak around every day or so just to neg th crap outta my haters. peace old man and don’t get your ass whipped doing that MMA shit . god bless and thanks for the memorys
posted on: 07-16-15 @ 9:13 AM

^^^ I KNEW you were lurking the site ron! talking shit about leaving - you never left bitch!
posted on: 07-16-15 @ 12:45 PM

Thanks man, and good luck on your further adventures.
posted on: 07-16-15 @ 1:00 PM

@rockinron and crazyshit staff Mysteriously rockinron can spell and almost punctuate, strange as he couldn`t spell for shit before ! Maybe he read the little goat story George Bush was reading on 9/11 and thank you Jesus ! He can spell !!! So fuck off !
posted on: 07-16-15 @ 1:05 PM

P.S. Fuck off Adam you were a lazy fucking cunt ! Get rockinron to spell that for you
posted on: 07-16-15 @ 1:08 PM

Rockinron is back from bible camp, did you have quality time with Father Mc Feely
posted on: 07-16-15 @ 5:24 PM

Oh yeah....thanks for getting rid of bigtalk biggertalk whatever the fuck....not sure if it was you or jay but happy day. Useless fucking trolls
posted on: 07-18-15 @ 3:50 AM