What Would You Do?

on 07.27.2015

So I was reading this article where a Australian father, and daughter were diving for scallops in Tasmania. They're about 40 feet/13 meters deep, and the daughter decided to go to the boat. Her dad stayed down so she goes back down. During this a big fucking shark comes out, and kills her dad. If you're in her shoes what would you do? Try to save him? Let him die? Go vigilante monster shark hunter a la Jaws Revenge? --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Wheres the fucking videos
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 1:37 PM

Yeah where are the fucking videos
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 1:43 PM

Suddenly, reposts don't seem so bad.
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 1:43 PM

I wud make sure to secure his wallet..
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 1:47 PM

What could you do? I do hear shark steak is great though.
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 1:58 PM

go for the sharks eyes they always back off
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 2:10 PM

That shark would be toast.
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 2:37 PM

kill the shark and save this world
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 3:24 PM

Stick my dick in is ass to make it let go.
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 5:18 PM

No one gives a fuck about Jeff's blogs....
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 6:03 PM

I hate to say this but if she fought off the shark, helped her father to their boat, and when back down to kill the shark, the would have died from the massive loss of blood. Also, some sharks like great whites take exploratory bites to unknown objects; however, bull sharks will aggressively attack humans the high testosterone fueled MOTHER FUCKERS!!! Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 6:22 PM

Just another day at the office..It’s kind of like riding a scooter in Asia, ya just know one day it’s is gonna happen. Let him die and get another job that wont kill you like making WICS for CS ?
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 7:36 PM

Swim back and start making funeral arrangements. Then start charging the hell out of his Visa on E-bay.
posted on: 07-27-15 @ 8:15 PM

If I was in her shoes, I’d be on dry land.
posted on: 07-28-15 @ 1:32 AM

Let him die and hope he had a life insurance policy. But in all honesty. Who the fuck does that knowing it's shark infested and dont bring a spear gun or whatever they use to fight off a shark. Always be prepared is all im saying. That's like going to a black bbq and not bringing the watermelon. Ya doomed
posted on: 07-28-15 @ 7:51 AM

How the fuck is the daughter going to save the father? By arguing with the shark? If they had some sort of weapon/ shark prod, i think the father would of had it being in shark water.
posted on: 07-28-15 @ 11:06 AM