Happiest Place On Earth

on 07.29.2015

Our son turned 5 over the weekend, and we thought the best birthday party would be to go to Disney World. I have to say that in fact, that is probably the best party ever for a 5 year old. He’s a funny little guy though, we were having breakfast and Mini Mouse snuck up on him and gave him a hug. From then on, he wanted nothing to do with the characters. Anytime we ate, he had to have his back to the wall. Yet, he rode all the “big” rides, like Splash Mountain like a champ. All in all, it was a pretty amazing time with our little family. And now I know what my Dad meant when he said, just wait until you have a kid. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You braved it in July! My parents were dumb enough to bring us on Easter Sunday when I was eight. Fucking crowded! I have a sister who's still waiting in line on Space Mountain!
posted on: 07-29-15 @ 2:42 PM

He would have changed his mind if you would have given him a Cinderella up skirt. Maybe next year.
posted on: 07-29-15 @ 2:53 PM

At least you had a good time while getting your wallet raped!
posted on: 07-29-15 @ 3:23 PM

I don’t blame the litle guy, don’t trust any high pitched voice mouse behind me either. Smart guy to keep his back to the wall.
posted on: 07-29-15 @ 4:22 PM

If dat was me...Mini mouse would have been raped
posted on: 07-29-15 @ 6:23 PM

Happy Birthday young future CS ,your old man might be messed up but we still ♡ him.
posted on: 07-29-15 @ 7:06 PM

Cam you blame the little guy? Mickey mouse sounds like the pedophile from Family Guy.
posted on: 07-29-15 @ 8:35 PM

Nothing like family fun at an overpriced theme park.
posted on: 07-29-15 @ 8:46 PM

Your a good father jay. I respect that. From my experience. Just stick to 1 kid. Anymore and you will go nuts. Wish i had a son. I got screwed with 4 girls man.
posted on: 07-30-15 @ 6:09 AM

Jay D.
It was amazing how well Disney can extract money from your wallet while you are having fun. We did save some money buy drinking our own beers by the pool. Take that Disney!
posted on: 07-30-15 @ 12:19 PM

Jay D.
@nybadguy ha! Man 4 girls is a lot of worry. I am pretty stoked on just one little guy, unless there is some drunken debauchery in the near future.
posted on: 07-30-15 @ 12:20 PM

@jay haha.
posted on: 07-31-15 @ 7:44 AM