The Lookout Code

on 08.03.2015

At my old job we had a lookout code for hotties in the store. It was a huge store so we gave the store a imaginary layout of the United States., and the parking lot was Canada. When a hottie was around we would call out the state she was in and a number 1 through 5. We did that because the 1-10 was too obvious. It really helped with rubber necking. Any of you have anything like that at a job? --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
when the manager had cum on he’s face and a funny my ass hurts walk , we knew he was going to b managing for a bit longer ... does that count
posted on: 08-03-15 @ 2:18 PM

@wifebeater2000 ???possibly
posted on: 08-03-15 @ 3:15 PM

I have not had a job involving your situation Big Jeff. The job that I can think of is my Work Study job at Santa Fe Community College, now Santa Fe College, as a chemistry computer lab attendant. I did not see many student come in the lab during my hours of work, but my boss was a chemistry instructor. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 08-03-15 @ 6:05 PM

We usually follow them and say obscene things to them. No im kidding. I do get a stiff neck and cock in the summer from all the beautiful woman walking around.
posted on: 08-03-15 @ 6:09 PM

Fuck my job ...... that's all I got
posted on: 08-03-15 @ 6:17 PM

Where I work it is 10% BITCHES and the rest of them are female lol . It’s amazing that after a while they all look fuckable. The women that is you sick fuckers
posted on: 08-03-15 @ 7:21 PM

I work in the kitchen of a high end cafeteria for a global software company. When a hot chick walks up to the line it’s "check the ice chef".
posted on: 08-03-15 @ 7:30 PM

We usually just talk about strippers while we wait outside of Home Depot.
posted on: 08-03-15 @ 8:12 PM

^^^ I’m kidding don’t call the INS on me please.
posted on: 08-03-15 @ 8:15 PM

I used to tend bar..girls have a look in thier eyes eyes that says I will tell you if I have panties on and if the carpet matches the drapes or hardwood floors and love telling you..and all the details,regular rocket scientists about it
posted on: 08-04-15 @ 4:52 AM

I am and always will be a construction worker. We have no time for subtleties, It’s more like ’check it out, check it out.’
posted on: 08-04-15 @ 1:29 PM