Golf Anyone?

on 08.27.2015

Ever since moving to New England, I have not had a chance to play a round of golf. Not that I am any good at it. It's just fun to go out with your other buddies that suck at it, drink a case of beer and try to hit a little white ball in a hole. We used to make it out a few times during the summer in Florida. Most folks don't like the heat then, but that never bothered us. You play or just go play for the social aspect of it? --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
little white ball in a hole must bring back memories playing fuck my ass with cockinron .
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 2:05 PM

Only picked up a golf club long enough to hit someone with it. Not my kind of "sport".
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 2:06 PM

@mrlongshot , -5 for calling golf a sport
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 2:07 PM

unless your playing for BIG money I don’t see the point
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 2:30 PM

Golf is for yuppie scum.
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 3:40 PM

"It’s just fun to go out with your other buddies that suck" It’s not really about the golf at all is it Jay?
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 3:48 PM

I go to play... I moved to a Golf course condo with all these old fucks just to play, I fuck shit up!
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 5:24 PM

@wifebeater, parentheses are there for a reason. Kinda like if I called you a "smart guy".
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 6:16 PM

I used to acsionally played 'mini golf.' Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 6:20 PM

I can’t afford to, anymore.
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 6:35 PM

I tried it once. As soon as I was told how to hold the club, I said "I ain’t never seen you on TV! What makes you the expert?" Fuck ball sports. If it doesn’t burn gasoline I couldn’t give a flyin’ rats ass about it.
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 7:35 PM

@mrlongshot "fag"
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 8:01 PM

Your cute wifebeater, keep talking dirty...
posted on: 08-27-15 @ 9:01 PM

I seen a girl get stung by a bee between the number 1 hole and and number 2 hole once..
posted on: 08-28-15 @ 6:05 AM