We Had A Visitor Today

on 09.04.2015

We had a little visitor at the house today. He did not survive though. A little mouse had gotten into one of the lower kitchen cabinets. I noticed some poop a few weeks ago, so I set out some sticky traps. Low and behold guess who shows up? Mickey. Now he is dead, and visiting that great hunk of cheese in the sky. Question for you all, to seal up where pipes are coming in from the craw space, should I use steel wool? I want to keep these fuckers out. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Ur idea sounds as good as any JayD. Guess u dont have a pussy cat?
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 2:18 PM

Stuff in coarse steel wool and then use expandable foam. Seals it up tighter than a frog's ass.
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 2:30 PM

Buy more traps. They will find a way around whatever you block there current entrance with or chew through it. Winters coming so stock up.
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 2:34 PM

After you seal everything get a six pack sit down with some paint thinner and a rag then fire up your favorite cigar. Oh don’t forget the video! :)
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 2:39 PM

Dont use steel wool. It can rust away. Use copper wool. Then spray foam with Pestblock foam.
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 2:43 PM

hire a Philippine maid, that bitch will catch all youre rodents n feed them to her family ..
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 2:49 PM

what ever you seal it up with add broken glass, rodents stay well away from it. right now i’m cementing round my foundations and there’s glass going into the mix
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 3:29 PM

What ya do is go out late at night with a bag of small size cat food and spread it all around your neighbors lawn and along his foundation of his house. (make sure to "reseed" after a good rain) Problem solved, Mice are attracted to neighbors house and not yours.
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 3:52 PM

2 tablespoons of olive oil ,Garlic powder, 1 tablespoon of salt , grill 15 minutes each side until brown . Don't forget to skin it first .
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 4:54 PM

Too bad you don't have a pet snake.
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 5:44 PM

@mrlongshot You never met Mr. Chimp's frog. m.crazyshit.com/cnt/pics/48143-frogs--natures-fleshlight
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 7:00 PM

@mountaineer Watch out for them goddamn Lannisters.
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 7:08 PM

You should get can of expanding foam and foam around your pipes. It will keep the mice out for a few years. Also, the foam will seal up any air leaks around your pipes and small holes. 'Great Stuff' is a good brand to that my father and I used in the past. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 7:25 PM

Crazy same exact thing to me 2 days ago same spot also. And put down sticky traps no catch yet though.
posted on: 09-04-15 @ 10:31 PM