Thanks Everyone For The Birthday Wishes

on 09.21.2015

Hey guys sorry I wasn't able to grace you guys with my presence over the weekend. I had a good birthday, and got to see my nephew. I don't have kids and after the day he got shots thank fucking god I don't have any. I also found a new subreddit that had me in tears last night. If you ever go to the site look up r/RoastMe. There are troves of grade A shit talking in that sub. If you visit Reddit what are your fav/normal subs you visit? --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Happy belated birthday Big Jeff!
posted on: 09-21-15 @ 4:26 PM

BJ,, Trader!!! I visit one site and one site only. CRAZYSHIT FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!
posted on: 09-21-15 @ 4:57 PM

I had to google half the shit you mentioned just to figure out what you were talking about. So we’ve come to a place in our society where people without friends go online and have strangers poke fun at them just so they can pretend like they have friends poking fun at them? I’m glad there was no internet in my youth!! We had to actually go out and socialize and talk to people face to face. If you thought your friend was ugly you would just tell them to their face.
posted on: 09-21-15 @ 5:01 PM

Im pretty sure only homo’s go to reddit .. In any event, happy birthday and thanks for keeping us entertained in the comfort of our parents basement.
posted on: 09-21-15 @ 5:04 PM

If I agreed with @happyjack does that count as a Big Jeff repost? "I had to google half the shit you mentioned just to figure out what you were talking about"
posted on: 09-21-15 @ 6:07 PM

Happy B-day brudda!!! Hope it was as crazy as shit!! Much respect.....Brian.
posted on: 09-21-15 @ 6:13 PM

@happyjack Got to love the good ole days. When we ran out of stuff to do like baseball, football, hide and seek and running around the park in the evening with sheets over our heads (playing ghost) ha ha I bet that got you going for a second. Anyway we would have cut down sessions on my front porch with the neighborhood gang. A few of us got ribbed pretty good. One guy named Ricky had a huge nose and we use to put it on him so bad his face and nose would turn beat red then we would lay it on even more. We had a blast back then.
posted on: 09-21-15 @ 6:28 PM

Happy b day bro. Hope you got some ass.
posted on: 09-21-15 @ 6:31 PM

Hey Big Jeff, you were not the only one who have a birthday this past weekend. My birthday was on the nineteenth. I am now thirty five years old. I was wondering how old are you Big Jeff. Also, child are scared of get shots with the pain and stress. I do not blame them. I do not like needles and have since my appendicitis surgery when I was nine or ten years old the Fucking IV was bigger that my vein. _________, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 09-21-15 @ 6:56 PM

I am sorry. I forgot to say Happy Birthday Big Jeff!!! As for Reddit, I have never been on the web site, so I do not have any favorite topics.
posted on: 09-21-15 @ 7:08 PM

Why the fuck are you promoting another website
posted on: 09-21-15 @ 8:22 PM

Cory H.
@corruptedsob . +1
posted on: 09-22-15 @ 1:27 AM

@corruptedsob LOL I thought the same thing but Jay has other websites posted on the left of this page and correct me if I’m wrong they pay for the advertisement.
posted on: 09-22-15 @ 1:48 AM

Again, happy bday BigJ. I hope u rocked out with ur cock out!! (Away from ouch, of course..)
posted on: 09-22-15 @ 2:15 AM

@happyjack were you describing the peanut gallery?
posted on: 09-22-15 @ 4:41 AM

@big_jeffrey72, Right where you are posting. lol.
posted on: 09-22-15 @ 8:55 AM