Is This Gay?

on 10.03.2015

Mrdip wrote in, if a guy shoves a flesh light up his ass and his GF fucks it with a strap on, is it gay even if the balls don't touch? is it lesbo cause she's fucking a rubber pussy? are these valid questions? Thanks for the questions mrdip, let's see what I can do. First off, how are balls touching? Does the girlfriend have balls? Is she a tranny? I would say it is not gay. But damn, a flesh light is pretty big, so that guy's asshole is massive. He may have had a few cocks in his ass before. We should do this more often. Send me your questions, and I'll answer them. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
If you have to ask if it’s gay then it’s gay.
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 1:42 PM

If its sex tween a man and woman, then its not gay, no matter how he wants his asshole bored out!
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 1:44 PM

You're not gay until your friends find out about it.
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 2:01 PM

Is "gayish" a word?
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 2:38 PM

any time a guy likes it up the ass instead of out the ass it’s gay In fact up a girls ass is on the fence of gay or not, I feel any gay sex is butt sex.
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 3:48 PM

Ok @dozer.. If u meet a chic that u find perfect in ur eyes and she wants to stick a finger up ur ass or toss ur salad, ur gonna say no?
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 4:29 PM

I think you have the sexual maturity of a 12yo. Being gay is not reduced to a single act that suddenly flips a switch on.No more then taking the driver’s test makes you a race car driver. If you were gay;you would be to busy having gay sex to post this question.
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 5:32 PM

@sbohica yes
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 5:41 PM

I do not know what to say to Mrdip's question. It is a little weird but is a valid question. I do not know how to answer his question, but Jay's answer is the best one in this situation. Confused by Mrdip's question, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 6:11 PM

If you think about an answer your gay.
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 8:34 PM

I'm with dozer +1. my heterosexual friend
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 8:35 PM

Cory H.
If he can fit a Fleshlight in his ass, he’s got bigger problems than rather he’s gay or not.
posted on: 10-03-15 @ 9:53 PM

@dozer67 If I do you with a strap-on are you Gay?
posted on: 10-04-15 @ 12:54 AM

If it walks like a duck.....
posted on: 10-04-15 @ 1:07 AM

Who gives a shit
posted on: 10-04-15 @ 2:21 AM

^^exactamundo!!! give the man a rubber tortilla cuz we have a winner!!! but seriously, it’s 2015, for pete’s sake, who gives a shit, just do what makes you feel good, and as long as you’re not harming folks, then go with god. nothing wrong with being gay just don’t act like a fucking faggot!
posted on: 10-04-15 @ 5:05 AM

gay actually meant happy until it was perverted by homosexuals
posted on: 10-04-15 @ 12:36 PM

It figures that Jay would know that a flesh light is big.
posted on: 10-04-15 @ 1:36 PM

@shenanigans think about it the only sex gay guys have is ass play, but with a woman why do we need ass play? most of them don’t like it.A good BJ and some pussy makes me happy, also I don’t have a dIrty dick that needs washing...
posted on: 10-04-15 @ 2:27 PM