What A Fun Day

on 10.10.2015

So today I get to see my family because they are in town, and I hope it goes good. I hope that because they are here to squash family shit and try to rekindle connections that have been cut off for half a decade, we'll see how it goes. I know they're in town right now, and I haven't heard explosions yet so I'll take it as a good sign. Have fun today everyone, and try to end tonight with some titties on your face. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Good luck Big Jeff , don't let them motherfucker's malipulate you !! Believe me ... I been there
posted on: 10-10-15 @ 3:19 PM

Before you leave don’t forget to post the videos.
posted on: 10-10-15 @ 3:28 PM

big jeff fucked his cousin ben, thats what started it all.
posted on: 10-10-15 @ 4:29 PM

I kind of know how you feel about bad blood in a family. My aunt on my father's side of my family has done some disrespectful things to my immediate family in I not at liberty to discuss. The connection with my aunt, on my father's side of my family, will never repaired because all of the pain she has inflicted upon my immediate family. However, I wish you good luck with your family reunion, and I hope you have a nice evening. Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 10-10-15 @ 5:18 PM

"try to end tonight with some titties on your face" ...and I thought my family was fucked up.
posted on: 10-10-15 @ 5:20 PM

@truckingman, I'll volunteer to give your aunt a good buttfucking. It's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it.
posted on: 10-10-15 @ 6:46 PM

@potrostation good laugh...by the way sorry for using your home videos for the bear post
posted on: 10-10-15 @ 9:22 PM

I have no one out lived every one believe me this world is one big lonely place without your blood so count your blessings even when family sucks hope you folks never have to walk down the path I’m on it sucks
posted on: 10-11-15 @ 12:02 AM

^^ real talk right there.. Hope you find some happiness Maddog, sorry to hear about your situation. And good luck with your reunion Jeff hope you can reconnect.
posted on: 10-11-15 @ 1:11 PM